Monday, March 19, 2012

My oral fetish

So, I have a bit of an oral fetish. I love to have *something* in my mouth just about all the time. I've always enjoyed sucking or chewing or playing with an object in in mouth, around my lips.  When I was in elementary school, I once chewed the colored coating off an entire box of paper clips that I had in my desk. I got in trouble for sticking this short 3/4" diameter, 4" long pen in my mouth sideways, and getting it stuck. (Today I really wonder what my male fifth grade teacher thought of that!)

I was the kid who chewed on her pencils, destroyed the clips on her pens by snapping them off. I never wanted a shake, I wanted a slushie to chew the ice. I frayed my toothbrush faster than normal. I chewed on my straws, making them barely useable.

I always want ice to chew on... Ice is a constant stream of texture in my mouth. Cold, turning warm, crunchy, then melty, then slobbery. My mouth is wet from my saliva because I'm sucking on something.  It melts and the cold water feels and tastes good. It's why I want more.

I like gum. Sometimes I really want to chew, sometimes I want to play. I roll it around, making it smooth and flat, ready to cover my tongue to blow a bubble. Or twist it around, folding it and flipping it into a small stack of folds. Sometimes my tongue has more contact with the gum than with my teeth.

And then there's cock. Oooh there is nothing like a dick in my mouth. Really. I love having a soft dick in my mouth, I can suck on it, flick my tongue around the head so easily. A soft cock is delicious. I like it best when I can taste myself from the last time it was in me. Then I love to fill it grow, and I try to keep it all in me, containing it in my mouth. For the BF, I know I'll eventually lose this battle. But I still try to fight for as long as I can.

Then I get to suck him off. I actually lick cock very little. I'll do some long licks from base to head, but not very many. I prefer to suck. My suck I mean turn my mouth into something fuckable. I protect him from my teeth and jack him off with my mouth. Normally my tongue is active, flicking strokes at that sensitive spot just under the head while my mouth is bobbing up and down, trying to swallow that dick.

Then sometimes I just suck. Suck like I'm creating a vacuum in my mouth, trying to pull him into me without moving. Filling my mouth with as much as I can take and sucking it in, like I have to pull him in as far as I can. It's intense for him in sensation and intense in muscle tension for me. My whole jaw is operating to suck as hard as I can, and then more.

When I give blow jobs, my mouth is happy. I produce so much saliva I slobber all over him. The base of his cock becomes a little pool of my spit, slipping down his cock or brought there from my lips moving up and down on him. Strings of saliva are everywhere. I've read about mouths going dry, or needing lube for oral. No, not ever... in fact I'm in the opposite, sometimes it feels like I have too much spit available. But that's never the case, because then I use it as extra lube to surround that big cock as much as I can, even though I just can't fit all the way in.

And last of all, I like to feel that cock tremble in my mouth. That moment when orgasm is imminent, and I know to fill my mouth and throat with him, flick my tongue as much as I can manage, and swallow that hot cum right down my throat.

When I'm done, I lick my lips which are covered in my saliva, and I smile, smugly satisfied. My mouth has served me well, but that doesn't mean its stopped watering for anything in it.


  1. Hot post! We're both pretty orally fixated, Jill especially. She chews gum like a sassy diner waitress. Her oral fixation translates perfectly to oral sex, and it is not unusual for her to become very physically aroused from giving me a blowjob. This makes it even more exciting for me, needless to say.


    1. Lucky Jack! I'm with Jill - I get very aroused from giving him a blow job. It's so hot to have a man flinch from your oral skills.