Friday, March 9, 2012

Formspring Friday: Intimacy, lick or suck, and feet

Q. What is more intimate: blowjob or intercourse?
To me, intimacy is about togetherness in complete vulnerability. Intimacy takes place both in and outside of sex, but I think you're just asking about sex. For me, intercourse is much more intimate than giving a blow job. When I'm going down on my BF, my whole world is about him. I don't focus on anything but giving him pleasure. When we're having intercourse, the moment is about us. We focus on each other - we're kissing, looking to each others' eyes, expressing our love and pleasure for each other, telling each other how attractive we are, how much we want to be together. The moment is about us together, our pleasure together. The BF likes to make sure I have at least 1 orgasm before he cums. In the rare chance I don't, he automatically starts fingering me or going down on me to make sure I do. I love to give him blow jobs, to focus on his pleasure and give him complete, focused pleasure. And I love it when he does the same for me. But its always better when its us together enjoying each other.

Q. Licking or sucking?
Li-li-li-li-lick it like a lollipop! I love it when the BF licks me. When he licks my neck it makes me go wild - I almost came once from him licking that special spot on my neck. One time during sex he started licking from between my breasts up my chest to my neck then just below my ear. Feeling his hot tongue on me was so fucking hot. When he's going down on me, I love his tongue licking any part of my pussy. He can suck on it too, but licking is SO MUCH BETTER. As far as what I want to do to him? Well, I'd rather suck on a cock any day over licking it.

Q. Pepsi or coke? Beer or wine?
I'm not a cola drinker, so I'll pass on both the pepsi or cola. I'll take a 7UP instead. As for beer or wine, I really don't like either. I'm not a big drinker by any means, but if I do imbibe then give me some rum, vodka, or gin.

Q. Footjobs - fair or foul?
Foul? No way! I love giving a foot job to my BF. As long as I haven't been running around barefoot where my feet are really dirty, he wants my feet on him. He gets so incredibly turned on by my feet. Just rubbing my toes against his foot will turn him on and make him hard... when I put some lube on my feet and rub his cock, I love to watch his face and body. He melts into the moment, torn between just enjoying the feeling and watching it. Both turn him on so much. So yes, a foot job. Almost any time.

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  1. All great answers. I totally agree about the intimacy and closeness that comes from intercourse, especially when that awesome connection is in play. Also, thought of you tonight when we were watching James Deen suck toes in our (and your) favorite position!

    1. Oh nice! Toe sucking in porn - don't think you see too much of that outside of the foot fetish stuff.

  2. Intercourse is much more intimate to us than oral, which is itself more intimate than a handjob, which is more intimate than a footjob. We certainly don't consider footjobs foul, but they've never been of particular interest to us. Now having my toes sucked? Definitely of interest to us.

    And we both LOVE to be licked! Sucking is fun too, of course. :)

    1. I think for me, the intimacy of oral vs hand is about even - I guess it just depends on what position and why you're doing it. One thing I like about giving a hand job is that I can cuddle on his chest while giving it, or wrap some legs around him, or run a free hand basically anywhere.

      I think I'm due for a good licking myself...