Friday, March 30, 2012

Orgasms on very little sleep = win

We had sex Sunday morning. It was good wake up sex. Sunday night I gave him a BJ - and he fell asleep within 60 seconds. I decided to wait until tomorrow to cum.

Monday night, I spoiled him rotten with a massage, full body kissing, then a long, sensuous handjob. I didn't want anything in return, it was his night. I decided I could wait one more day to cum.

Tuesday night he had a migraine and had to go to bed early. I ended up with insomnia, and even porn and masturbating twice with my trusty bullet vibe could not get me to sleep.

Wednesday I was almost dead to the world. Offsite work meetings on two hours of sleep... I managed to stay awake all day. I needed to get a good night's rest, but my insomnia often comes in batches, so I took 2 tylenol PM at 10p and waited for it to kick in. I laid on his chest watching Seinfeld for a couple of episodes, and knew it was time for bed.

He had been hinting about eating me out, and he knew I was due for some good cums. We climbed into bed, cuddled for a few minutes, and his fingers wandered down my body. He ran a finger down to my pussy and started running a finger from vagina to clit. I was so wet and he called me on it... he fingered me and told me he loved to watch me tremble as he gently stroked my swollen clit. "Why is your clit so big already?" he wanted to know.

What could I say? I was horny out of my mind. I only moaned my appreciation as he touched me where I needed it most. He pushed me onto my back and kissed down my body to start licking my wet cunt. I knew right away my orgasm was not far away. I was surprised at how loud I was already... but I was halfway to cumming and his tongue had only just started.  It was lapping at my big clit, driving me crazy. He stopped and blew lightly on it, then back to eating my pussy. He made long licks up my clit, and then pushed one finger into my pussy. I moaned, pushing into him slightly as I feel my orgasm cumming closer.

And then it becomes illusive, like I want it to much. Then he wanted to tease me, and he pulled off and started blowing on my clit, sending cold shivers up my back. My nipples grew harder, and I begged him to continue. He teased just a few seconds more, then resumed by licking my clit and fingering me deeper. I was getting closer to orgasm, and my hips started rolling up toward him. He sucked on my clit, making kissing noises as he released it. Suck, quick licks, suck, quick licks. He's fully finger fucking me now, and soon I'm cumming.

He doesn't even notice. He doesn't pause or take a break. If anything he starts going at me more, and it feels like his tongue and finger are in me. I'm cumming again, I hear my hand slap the bed, my other one is hanging onto one of the bars on the headboard. He's doesn't slow down. He keeps going, and orgasm 2 is so closely followed by orgasm 3.

He shifts positions, now kneeling with his head bent down rather than laying in front of me. The angle is new, it feels good but it seems uncomfortable. And then I feel it: his fingers on my G-spot, slowly rubbing, pushing. He knows when he hits it because I'm immediately shouting "Yes! Yes! There!!! Right there!!!" and I feel that sensation of I might need to pee. He's flicking at my clit, and my mind is overwhelmed by the two strong sensations. I try to relax my muscles, relax and try to pee... let go god please let go so I can squirt! Let my first squirt be like this so I can cover his face in it... Hit his mouth and nose so he can smell and taste it like I know he wants.

The sensation is growing stronger, but I can't pee... I'm trying but I know my muscles aren't right for it... and I feel like I'm right there... so fucking close yet I can't do it. I try to think positive, just enjoy it and let it happen. He continues going after me fingering me just in the right spot, better than he's ever fingered me before.  I feel the pleasure in my pussy getting stronger, the orgasm getting closer. His mouth takes over, and as I feel orgasm number four, I think how he must love my pussy squeezing at his finger as I cum and cover it in my wetness.

Four orgasms, and the tylenol is really kicking in. I care barely keep my eyes open. I'm barely coherent as I murmur something about how wonderful he is and how much I tried to squirt all over him. He knew I was trying, said he was hoping it would happen. We're both disappointed, but its not negative. Its said in a way that we'll keep trying, we know it will happen. I remember saying that this was my favorite method of trying so far.

He reached for the bottle of lube and started jacking off. I turned over and cuddled onto his chest, eyes shut. I kept thinking about him fingering that spot while licking me and the immense pleasure it was. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I told him my clit boner would not go away, I was too turned on from what had just happened.

He pushed me again onto my back, and started rubbing his dick on my clit. It was so sensitive, the sensation of his head hitting my clit was almost too much. I moaned and wanted him in me... I told him I wanted dick in me. Please fuck me, please. I think I begged him with "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..." I can't remember completely, my brain was too groggy. He gave me what I wanted... the lube on his dick was still wet, and I was so wet. He tried to fuck me hard and deep, but it was so slippery he kept slipping out and clit fucking me instead.

I don't remember the next details. I do remember more clit fucking and he was trying to get me off that way... I wanted a clit orgasm, but I wanted dick in me. I remember pushing my hand down between us, slipping my favorite middle finger down onto my slick clit. I started masturbating myself while he fucked me slowly, letting me build up. He watched my pleasure build and started fucking me faster. I held my legs back, knees toward my shoulders, he held my shoulders with his hands, fucking me.

My orgasm hit me and I felt my pussy clench his dick as he continued to fuck me. I gripped his back with my free hand, the other furiously attacking my clit as the orgasm continued. It was strong and powerful, taking over my body. Highest pleasure filled my whole pelvis.

I know he fucked me more, I don't remember how long it lasted. I remember rubbing my hands on his back, my sleepy brain on an orgasm high. I don't know if he came first or I did, but the orgasms were hitting within a half second of each other. My orgasm surprised me. I was so sensitive that every movement he made seemed to increase my pleasure. While he came I was lost in orgasm, unable to think. His ended, and mine continued, brought on by his final thrusts and twitches. He relaxed a little, and my body responded with tremblings and shrieks. He relaxed more and I kept going, my pussy throbbing around his dick, my body unable to relax. He shifted to try and stay still, but it was pointless. I kept cumming... cumming... so he pulled out and my body went into a final peak of pleasure.

I don't remember anything else. The details now are hazy at best, but that last orgasm was the longest I've ever experienced.


  1. We get very little sleep and find that our orgasms are sometimes more intense than usual. We never thought that there might be a correlation.

    Also "clit boner" makes us giggle.