Sunday, March 4, 2012

Formspring Sunday #1

Q. What prompted you to start blogging?
I decided to start blogging for a couple of reasons. I had been tweeting my sex life for several months and having a blast doing it. Several people had told me how much they loved reading my tweets and wanted more. I was a little frustrated about the character limit for tweeting about sex - its certainly a challenge sometimes. Sometimes I wanted to tell more - tweeting is restrictive, a blog would allow so much more detail. And I am having so much fun blogging now.

Q. What is your favorite type of panty u wear and which brand do you buy the most?

So you want to know about my panties, huh? That's a little pervy, but I'm ok with that. Well, my favorite type of panty to wear is the boyshort. I love the way they hug my hips. During the summer I'm usually found lounging in boyshort panties and a thin tank or T-shirt (no bra, of course). I don't have a favorite brand of boyshort panties - I normally just buy them at Target.

Now other underwear, specifically thongs, I have 2 favorite brands. First, Fredericks because they are very sexy and come in many awesome varieties (for example, the "cage back naughty knicker" that I own in black). My other brand is another Target purchase - Gillian O'Malley because the material is the softest, smoothest, most wonderful fabric you can ever have in a panty. And when its wet, its so fucking sexy to touch.

Q. What is your panty size at Victoria's Secret? What style of VS panty is your fav?
Well I haven't shopped at VS in several years - mostly because their bra's don't fit me, so why bother? My panty size is a large, and I would go for the cheeky or boyshort or thong. When you asked your question I went looking at their catalog and I may need to do some shopping there soon! 

Want to ask me a question? Just head to and ask anything you want. Really. Anything. Try me. I'll answer the following Sunday.


  1. Oh gosh! I have been looking for those panties EVERYWHERE! Ordering now...

  2. Also, if you want to play our reindeer games and post Formspring on Friday you can use the post scheduling option. Some of the other reindeer are nice.

    1. Yes I am considering that. My concern is with work+school+life I may not be able to get to the questions before the weekend starts. We'll see how it goes for now I think. But I do want to join the other reindeer!