Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oral fest

Before I tell you about this afternoon, there's some background about me you should know. My 9-year relationship with my ex was a disaster when it came to my pussy being eaten. The first time (my first time ever) it lasted all of 15 seconds before I got the "Honey, I can't do this... it tastes kinda gross. I can't stand it." That was on my 19th birthday... talk about disappointment and self-esteem crashing galore. For the next 6 years we were together (yes I know, I can't believe it lasted that long either) he would give it a try maybe once a year, and only if I showered right before and it would have to be the starting point and it would only last a minute before it got to "icky" for him to continue.  So yes, I've been horribly, emotionally scarred and for years was convinced my pussy and all its juices were a source of disgusting, smelly material that no one save myself would ever enjoy.

But then I met the BF... Oral sex is one of the best feelings on earth. Period! I've still had my share of doubts, wondering if he's just being nice, is he really OK with the taste, etc. But today all the doubt, secret fears and worries went away with an incredible symphony of orgasms. Enjoy.

Today I got home from work early to finish the afternoon at home. As normal, I checked into twitter and tumblr to see what was new. The BF always going through tumblr with me so we can see the sexy pictures and see what the other person likes. Its like a little bit of voyeuristic foreplay for us. We hadn't been through tumblr in a few days, and the several pages of images and GIFs got us going... big time.A girl licking another's pussy in a wet, frantic way.

That image, as I explained to the BF, is one of my favorite masturbation fantasies. I'm the girl on the bed... of course seeing this image and explaining it to him made me horny. And then I found another picture  - and my hornyness started to escalate. He suggested we take a "sex break" from work... how can I argue with that? So off to the bedroom we went.

So in bed the BF wanted me on my back, and started fingering my very smooth, very bare pussy. I had a Brazilian wax yesterday and all of my hair is gone. The BF loves the way this feels - of course! He started playing with my clit and said he was going to give me a hand job... pretty much one of my favorite things to have. He starts off slow, teasing, and gentle, then fingers my vagina with strong, swift strokes. We are kissing lightly, just lips on lips, or a light sweep of his tongue on my lips. Its soft and sensual and very sweet.

Having my clit played with is very intense - most of the time I can't keep my eyes open, just clenched tight. Every once in a while I forced myself to look him in the eyes. He loves to watch my face, my reactions to what he's doing. Our whole bodies are under the covers, so we both can feel but not see. When I look away and close my eyes, he asks me if I'm picture other women fingering me. No, I reply, I'm imagining his fingers and what it looks like - seeing it in my mind what I'm feeling is so incredibly sexy and such a turn on for me. When I tell him what I am thinking, he smiles at me, he likes my answer.

"Purr for me," he says. "Purr my little kitty." So I make my moans more audible for him. He plays with my clit, playing with it more. "Ohh that's good kitty," he tells me. "Oh you like that huh... oh your clit boner is getting bigger. Keep purring for me." My moans tell him where to go, what to do... its like a secret map he's following to find a trigger to make my pleasure even more. Then he places his finger tips around my clit and starts pulling his hand up - he's jacking me off.  "You like your clit being jacked off like a little dick, don't you?" I barely open my eyes, mouth open, and moan my agreement. "Oh I know you do... your clit boner is bigger."

And then he says something that gets me wild, "Beg me to eat your pussy... if you beg good enough, I might do it." And oooh he's teasing my clit and pussy so very much, and my moans are louder. I'm going wild with anticipation. I give up moaning, and start pleading with him. "Please, please, please eat my pussy... please baby please eat me..." and I'm begging more and more while he's jacking me off. I'm almost ready to cum from his fingers, I can't imagine how good it his mouth would feel right now.

He pulls the covers back, and climbs down to lay between my legs. He doesn't hesitate at all. His tongue is just suddenly on me, flicking across my clit, licking and lapping at it. It feels warm and soft, it feels so very good and my moans are echoing my pleasure. He pauses for a moment to readjust, pulls on one of my pussy lips to pull it up just a bit, and his mouth is back on me, eating away, making long strokes up and kissing my clit over and over. My legs are shaking from tension and my hips are flexing up slightly against him... he starts sucking on my clit, giving it sucking kisses. With a few more flicks of his tongue, I was cumming.

He didn't stop. He kept licking, sweeping his head back and forth very quickly to keep my orgasm going and going. I'm crying out so loudly. Then he pulled back, for a moment. I caught my breath and began to relax... and he went back to sucking on my clit. Another orgasm, and when he kept going and going, another orgasm. Now I'm bucking my hips and he's staying with me, flicking my clit and each stroke of his tongue makes me cry out.

He stops, and once again my legs and hips relax. He climbs up and kisses me, and I can taste myself on his lips and chin. I'm everywhere and I'm sweeping my tongue and lips around his face, savoring the taste. Its delicious. "It tastes so good, doesn't it?" he asks me. My heart thrills at these words. The head of his dick is on my clit, hard but not moving. Its teasing me. He can feel me pushing into it lightly, and he rocks his dick on it. I'm so close to cumming again. Then he slides his dick into me, and I'm flooded with pleasure. His eyes open in shock or surprise, I'm not sure. "Ooooh baby! Your pussy has never felt so good... oh fuck baby I can't believe how good it feels right now." And he pulls out only slightly, and when he just barely pushes back in, my orgasm explodes and I'm crying his name, grinding my hips. He stops moving until I begin to relax, and the repeats the same slow movements. Another orgasm. Then another. He's barely able to control not cumming himself, I can tell, but suddenly he pulls out and climbs back down to my pussy, and he's eating me out again.

I'm hit with orgasm after orgasm, crying out his name over and over. His lips and mouth and tongue are tweaking my clit and I can't keep still, I don't know what's going on, just that I'm cumming over and over again. I don't know how much I came, the orgasms melted into each other and he didn't stop. He pulls up to kiss me again, and again he's covered in my cum all over his face. I'm kissing and licking him clean, loving how he loves it so much.

He rolls over next to me, and asks if its his turn to cum  yet. I beg him for more - how can I stop when its this good? He can't believe I want more, but I only ask once and he climbs on top and sticks his dick in me.... again I explode into orgasm from hardly any movement. "So sensitive today" he whispers as he kisses my neck. "Such a sensitive pussy... oh fuck you're so wet," he says as I cum again. And again.

My whole body is bliss and he seems happy to keep me going - because he goes back down to my pussy and starts eating me out again. Now he's alternating between mouth and finger on my clit, toying with me. My legs and hips are tired, but I can't stop shaking, bucking, screaming, whipping my head back and forth as I grab pillows, his hands, his shoulders, his head, crying out his name. Its like one long orgasm that is neverending.

Finally, after what must have been 15-20 orgasms (that I can remember), he pulls away, kisses me again, and I almost savagely attack him with kisses, stopping only to say how much I love him. And he tells me he loves me so much, he thinks I'm delicious and he loves to eat me out.  I am flooded with the most incredible emotional bliss I could ever imagine.  I lay on his chest to catch my breath, let my brain try to figure out what just happened to me.

A few minutes pass, and I ask him how he'd like to cum... he asks for a foot job. Its been a long time since he's had one, and right now I'm just happy to be able to do make him cum that way. We grab the lube and I lather up my toes and soles of my feet and sit so I'm perpendicular to his body, ankles on his body. I've only given a few foot jobs to him, so I feel very inadequate with my skills. But he's moaning from my feeble strokes, rubbing the sole of one foot along his cock while the other cradles it. His cock is slippery and I can barely hold onto it with my feet. I manage to scrunch my toes on one foot, then slide his cock between my big toe and second toe stroking his head. He loves it. He's watching his cock slide between my feet. I jack him off with the soles of my feet, then alternate scrunching my toes around him and he tells me he loves it. He loves my beautiful feet and how good I make him feel. He's so turned on he can't look away. I stop only to reapply lube twice more, and he's begging to cum, especially when I hold his cock in between my toes. Finally I rapidly stroke him with one foot, pinning it against my other foot. He cums with a lot of force spilling cum on his stomach.

We wipe off the lube, pull up the covers, and fall asleep. An hour later, we're holding each other the same as when we fell asleep.


  1. So hot, and you are so lucky to have each other! And boy do I need an afternoon like that! Weekdays kind of suck.

  2. Your writing is magnificent. Did I mention that is also HOT as a good spice?