Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sex on a Saturday afternoon pt1

     So every Saturday afternoon, I take a nap. This has been my tradition for several years as a way to relax from the week and reboot my energy for the coming week. Lately, life has felt extra busy and stressful with work, grad school, job searching, and just LIFE happening in general. When I announced that it was time for my nap (despite being out of bed for only three hours), the BF was not surprised. We had been gaming together, and I assumed he would continue while I rested. I walked up behind his computer chair and wrapped my arms around his neck, kissed his cheek, and told him   I'd let him know when I was awake again so we could have sex.

     He laughed in surprise, but I'm not really sure why. One great thing about the Saturday nap is that I am pretty much guaranteed to wake up horny, so anticipating post-nap sex is something I'd consider a normal and predictable part of our lives by now. I guess waiting a couple of hours was too long, so he logged off the computer and pulled me to the bedroom to have sex right away.

     So there we were, naked, and holding each other, shivering together in our cold sheets. He had me in a bear hug, and I was nestled into his chest with his arms and legs wrapped around me. We both found the cold and the need for heat kind of funny, and we just giggled and ran our hands on each other's backs to warm up. After a few moments, he pulled back a bit and looked down at my chest and said, "Biiig boobies!" Yes, they are. They were squeezed together, nipples against his chest. "I love those big boobies" I mmhmmed my agreement. Yes, the BF is obsessed with my big boobs (and they are pretty fabulous). So I reached down and grabbed his soft dick. I started stroking it from base to tip with my fingers.

     "Get hard for me," I breathed at him.

     "Get me hard," he said back. So I started kissing him. I'm pretty sure kissing him is the fastest way to get him hard aside from putting his dick in my mouth. And lately, he has not been able to get enough of kissing me anywhere. On the lips, on the check, but especially on the neck. And sure enough, he rolled up on top of me and we started kissing more. We started fighting for dominance of the bottom lip - who could suck it more. And then our tongues started playing against each other and our lips and he started kissing up and down my neck.

     Then he reached down and started rubbing his dick in my pussy lips, up and down from entrance to clit, just faintly touching it. He stuck the head of his dick into the entrance, then leaned down to kiss me as he started to slide it in. I flexed my hips to help him slide it all the way in. He started moaning - and from his first moan, I could tell we were in for an extra special time together. I opened my eyes and I saw the look on his face - it was the look of when he's about to cum, but since we had just started, I could feel something else was going on.

     "Love my pussy?" I asked.

     "Oh baby I love your pussy. It's the best pussy in the world!" and he went back to sighing, eyes shut as he thrusted more. The thrusts were slow and gentle, savoring the moment. Then I started to melt into the moment, just letting time disappear into the strong emotions coming off of him. He reached up and put his hands under my neck, wrapping his fingers in my hair. His kisses and lips became urgent.

     I whispered his name in his ear. "What baby?" he asked. "Oh I love you so much!" I gasped. I called out his name again, and grabbed his back. Then he called out my name and hearing him say it like that, so full of desperation and love at the same time, I moaned and pulled him closer, running my hands up and down his back. Then he pulled out his hands and ran them from my thighs, up my sides, and onto my breasts, lightly fondling them all the while gently thrusting. It was the most sensual, erotic feeling. He could hear how turned on I was, and started doing quick thrusts that always hit my clit just right. I encouraged him with "yes, yes, yes" and grabbed his hips and I started cumming.

     He could feel me cumming under him, hips bucking, but he kept going, then slowed down a bit, then started going faster, and I started cumming again. He called out my name again and all I could do was respond with "I love you" before a third orgasm was hitting me.

     And then he broke "the rule," the only rule we have in our relationship, yet one each of us has broken when it just needed to be said. He called me his wife. Again... and again. I couldn't open my eyes, but I knew what it was doing to him. He had my head in his hands and he started thrusting deep and quick calling out "Oh my wife! My wife!" and I finally called back "Oh I love my husband!" I couldn't hold back any longer, a fourth orgasm hit me hard. He heard my cries in his ears, could feel my whole body convulsing and he gave one last, strong, full thrust as he came in me, head on my shoulder, lips on my neck.

     We laid very still, soft little moans to each other with no words. What kind of words can you say in a moment like this, the moment where you've just experienced some of the best sex of your life? Sex filled not just with love, but emotions of love beyond love, hope for the future you both want but can't have yet. Feelings of "This is it" and you love every part of it.

     I don't remember him pulling out or us falling asleep. I just remember drifting in and out of sleep, his arms wrapped so tightly around me, no matter what position I'm in. I remember roasting beneath the covers and not caring. I remember feeling sticky wetness on my pussy lips, ass, and the back of my legs as he held me against him. For two hours we laid there and cuddled. He slept soundly while I drifted in and out of consciousness. And then we woke up.  To be continued.

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  1. Great writing, as expected. I'm so glad you started blogging your hot, hot true life stories.