Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday morning ritual and a bit more pt2

Part 2
If you haven't read part one, you can catch up here. 

    We are cuddling, laying facing the foot of the bed with our feet on the pillows, collapsed in a pile together from sex. I don't remember what we talked about. I know he wanted to get me out of bed to start the day, but I was feeling lazy. And still a little horny... I wanted to play with the bullet vibe on my clit. 
Pandora vibe - from Babeland
     So I flipped around and reached for my bullet vibe and handed him the control. I love to control the placement while he controls the vibrations. I never get off as good as when we pair up like that... I have only limited control -- he actually controls when I cum. And he loves to torture me until I'm crying for release.  But today was not meant to be. The vibe would not turn on. We fiddled with it, replaced the batteries, and nothing. To say I was frustrated is an understatement. I just received this vibe on Friday, two days ago, and had received the most incredible orgasm from it then. I don't have anything that comes remotely close to it. I laid there for a moment, staring at the ceiling, wondering what to do. He handed me something I wasn't expecting - his prostate massage vibe. I think he could see the disbelief on my face. "Just try it," he encouraged. Well, why not? I hadn't used it on myself. I knew it was completely sanitized from his last use of it - and it is made from silicone. So I turned it one and started using it.
     It doesn't replace the bullet vibe, but it was OK. If anything, the 7 different vibration options offered some good sensations. What was the hardest for me was trying to figure out what was comfortable - this toy has an odd shape to it (it wasn't made for a clit, after all!) but once I curved it around my clit, I found some very satisfying vibrations. The BF could tell it wasn't giving me quite the vibrations that I wanted, so he started running his hands up and down my body, from breasts or neck to hips, pussy, or thighs depending on his route of choice. Occasionally he would stop and brush my nipples or give them a tweak, but what really got me going (and does get me going every time) is his fingers brushing the outside of my pussy lips or my hand that is on my clit - its the biggest tease he can ever do and it drives me fucking wild with desire and pleasure. After driving me crazy for a bit, he ignored my pussy, making it worse for me. Now I needed his hand to tease me if I was going to get off, and he knew it. I waited and waited, cycling through the vibe cycles. Sometimes he would press down on the edge and wiggle it against my clit - boosting my pleasure and making me squeeze my eyes shut with pleasure, but he wouldn't touch me and that's what I really, deeply wanted.
     The vibe felt good, and as the BF started to play with my breasts, almost massaging them, I started getting flashes of sensual massage, where the masseuse covers you in oil and massages your whole body and ends up focusing on massaging your 'yoni' until you get off. But I wanted HIS fingers down there, playing with me. Fingers are so incredibly sexy and I get off just thinking about fingers on me, in me.  I started picture him massaging me that way, filling my pussy with two fingers while he massaged my clit with this vibe where it was just enough to keep me on edge without spilling over into orgasm.
     Suddenly, his fingers are in my entrance, rapidly moving back and forth and I can hear my lips and wetness moving so fast against his fingers. I explode in orgasm almost instantly, and keep riding the waves as pleasure as he keeps going, and I'm hit with orgasm number two almost as soon as the first is done. I remove the vibe, and the BF pulls away his fingers, and I rest my head against him.

     We cuddle some more. I like to hold/be held after a good clit orgasm, and he happily obliges me for a few minutes. Or twenty, I'm not sure. I do know almost an hour and a half has passed since we first woke up. He wants to start the day and after all this cuddling I'm ready. As I go to get out of bed, I am on my stomach and I push my ass up in the air to really make it big for him. His reaction was beyond perfect: "OOooooh! You can't do that!!!  You're so so naughty!" but as he says this, he's biting his lip and scooting over to my side of the bed. I play innocent.
     "Do what? This?" And I stick it back up for him.
     "No, you can't do that. You'll get me horny again."  This doesn't sound bad to me, and I have a feeling he's already there. He's now sitting cross-legged next to me, I sit up and look at him.
     "Now what?" I ask. I look at his dick which is sitting on his foot. Its not hard.
     "Now I'm horny again. You're too sexy." And he starts jacking off his dick. I lay back down on my stomach, and push my ass into the air for him again. He reaches out with his free hand and starts rubbing it, one cheek than the other. He's playing with that fleshy part where it meats my thighs and making it jiggle in his fingers. "Ohh baby I love your ass!" he semi-whispers to me. Now I'm flexing my butt up and down, then wiggling my butt, flexing it up and down as he's watching it move for him. I can hear his hand speeding along on his dick.
     I flex my legs and pull my feet up, soles near his face. He takes them and starts kissing them to his face. I start flexing and pointing them and he's gasping at the sight of them. He's running his fingers in the gaps when I flex and then kissing them scrunched together. I keep doing this, but then I start scrunching them fully on his face. I can't see what I'm doing, but it feels like I'm doing it on his mouth/chin area and then I feel his tongue darting in, licking at my toes so I know I've hit the spot. His groans are getting louder and there's nothing in the world but a mix of toes and lips and tongue for both of us. I hear him start to cum, the moans getting louder and longer with a final flurry of jacking off movements. I let my feet drop, sit up, and kiss him. We tell each other "I love you" and head off to face the day.

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