Monday, April 30, 2012

The appreciation factor

There's something about having sex with a partner who appreciates not just your mind or your personality, but your body. That full appreciation for how you turn him on, what he finds sexy, and how he wants not just to fuck you, but to FUCK YOU, your whole body.

I've come to appreciate just how delicious it is to have hands wander not for a sweet caress, but to wander because there is a lust for every part of me, and he can't decide which one he needs in his grasp that moment. That lust for my thighs were he grabs at them, but they're too big to get a hand around them, so he grabs and grabs at them, gasping at the flesh under him. My muscular and slightly fleshy thighs.

He grabs at the top and the sides while he's on top, gripping as much as he can but he can't get a good grip. That never stops him from trying more. He moans into my chest as he grabs at them. His grip is strong, hard, and almost hurts. But not quite. Sometimes he rakes his fingers like a deep scratch without scratching me. I can feel his strength through his hands.

Or if he's kneeling fucking me hard, he grabs my inner thighs while my legs are spread. This is my fleshiest part, but he loves how tender they are. He grips gently, never hurting me.

Then my butt. My fleshy ass. This he can grip one cheek at a time, to hold however he likes. Normally he just pulls one sideways, his hand under me as he is on top of me. Sometimes he grips both cheeks while his head rests on my breasts. Sometimes, he grabs at them like he wants to tear off a chunk and devour it.

Sometimes he bites my ass when we're not even having sex.

My feet. He loves my feet. Recently he just wants to sniff them when we have sex, and he doesn't care that I last showered yesterday morning - they are too sexy to be denied. For him, my feet are heaven and the smell and feel goes straight to his dick.

My vagina.  Nothing tells me he loves my body more than when he sighs and moans and gasps when his dick first enters my vagina. "Ohhhh!" and the air is cut off in his throat. "Oh I love your pussy... oh fuck! Its amazing...." and then sometimes, "Oh fuuuuck baby you have the best pussy in the world...." and the look on his face of absolute wonder and delight of my very wet and warm vagina.

Then there is the smell and taste of me - you've read about how he loves to smell me (here and here). He loves the taste of me, too. Its delicious, he can't get enough of either.

He calls me beautiful. Beautiful, no matter what time of day or what I'm wearing. Beautiful because I am his, and he loves all of me. Literally.


  1. You guys sound quite a lot like us. We have tons in common, clearly.

  2. What an awesome post, making his love for you quite clear.

    Vincent is this way toward me, and I love it. I'm not happy with my body (is any woman?) and have to be better about how I accept his compliments when I'm naked. Responding with "You must need new glasses" isn't exactly what he's going for, after all... But the fact that he loves me and is attracted to me is all I need to know, and it makes me feel beautiful.