Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Date night our way, pt 1

We decided to go out and have an actual date night. It had been several weeks since we've actually gone out to dinner and enjoyed our time together. It was a much needed break. First, a quick review of the day: Wake up. Cuddle. Sex. Cuddle. Video games. Movie on the couch. Video games. A typical Saturday for us, actually.

So we headed out to dinner to our favorite restaurant - Chili's. It was the place of our first "date" (I'm putting that in quotes because it happened after we met online and then slept together after our first meeting, detailed in a 2-part entry here and here). The first time we ate there, we were both so shy and nervous. Conversation was difficult and and our shy natures made it a quiet meal. (The irony of the first "date" being awkward even after all the talking and skyping and in-person sex we'd had is not lost on us!)

Dinner was fun. We were seated in a far, empty corner of the restaurant away from the crowds which I appreciated. Eventually another couple was sat in our section, but it remained quiet. We laughed and giggled and had a great time just enjoying each other's company.

After dinner, I remembered I had a Groupon to a local sex toy store. We decided to head there next. We wandered and wandered, unsure what to get. I found out they have a very nice selection of all things lingerie - shoes, gloves, stockings, bras, panties, oh my! What I was disappointed to find is they stock of lot of jelly toys and most of their lube contains glycerin - a big no no for us. We checked out their video section - they rent and sell. I've never rented an adult DVD before, maybe we'll go back and try some DVDs out. (Like the gay stud one the BF pointed at and grinned).

We made our purchases and headed home. We had lingered a long time in the store, but how could we not? We got home and hopped onto our computers - more video gaming was needed! Finally, around 1am or so we decided it was time to log off and head to the bedroom for our fun.

First, we showered together. Then, we got ready for bed and I prepped one of new purchases for us: a Spartacus leather riding crop. We gave each other some trial smacks with it, and we both liked the sensation. It had a nice snap to it; not too sharp where it stung but enough of a whip to actually enjoy it. I knew it had exciting prospects for me - I can't take him spanking me, but perhaps I could take a spanking from this!

His turn first. We had talked earlier in the day that it had been much too long (like two weeks) since I had given him a proper spanking. That talk had inspired the purchase of the crop. I had him assume the position we normally take for this: on his hands and knees, ass in the air and head on the bed. I sat around him at the back, one leg straight out toward his face, the other around his legs. I had easy access to his ass and dick now.

I gave him some preliminary spanks, testing the range and feel of the crop. It was long, but I liked the movement it required of me. The swoosh in the air made a very slight sound. Yes, this was going to be very fun...

To be continued.


  1. Your typical Saturday sounds great, and much like ours before we were married.

    I can actually relate to the first-date post-sex shyness; there have been women that I had sex with first and then tried to date, and in some cases found that we really didn't have much in common and therefore little to talk about. Glad that's not the case with you two.

    One thing I can't relate to? Coming home from the adult store and playing video games rather than getting right to the sex! Not judging, of course. It's just that usually after being in that environment all we want to do is fuck. And suck. And, you know, fool around.

    Thanks for sharing this account of your date. We can't wait for more!

    1. It was funny because we could and did talk for hours, and even in person we were fine. But something about going out to dinner for the first time (4 days after the sex started) it was suddenly very first-date like.

      Hehehe well that is our love of video games coming out. Saturday is pretty much my only day to play due to work and other life stuff, so we dedicate as much time to it. Believe me, we made plenty of plans for later...

  2. Our first date was Bennigan's. :)

    Mmm, I love riding crops. And nice position in which to use it. ;)