Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: Maximus Lube

Note: This product was provided by Erotic Toy Town in exchange for an honest review. You can check out all the lubes available at Erotic Toy Town right here

The Product
Playing with toys often requires good lubrication. We have tried a variety of lubes and have come up with a list of qualities we like in our lubes. They are:
  • Water-based: While we've tried silicone-based lube, we weren't that impressed. Plus, we have a lot of silicone toys so purchasing silicone lube still requires the purchase of a water-based lube for use with our toys. Silicone lube is then restricted to hand/foot jobs. We'd rather just have one main type of lube on hand. That makes water-based lube the winner in our home.
  • Glycerin free: While this seems like a simple and "duh" requirement, it is shocking how many lubes out there include glycerin as a product. Glycerin is a huge danger ingredient for women with yeast infections. Consider fingers and dick and toys tend to wander, I don't want this ingredient anywhere near my pussy.
  • Parabens: I try very hard to stay away from parabens in my lubricants. There is a lot of controversy and scientific studies that debate whether they are or are not dangerous. For me, I prefer to stay on the safe side and just avoid them altogether. I am not allergic to them, although I've heard some horror stories of having burn-like reactions to them. So if a lube has any parabens as an ingredient, then I will not use it for internal use. If I have it on my hands or feet, I'll wash off immediately when done.
  • Flavoring: We don't use lube for oral sex at all, so it really doesn't matter to us if it tastes like anything. Normally we don't bother with a flavor because of this.
Photo courtesy of Erotic Toy Town
Believe it or not, the glycerin narrows our water-based lube choice by about 50% it seems. If we pick something without parabens, cut out another 25% at least. That leaves very few choices for lube.

Whenever I ask for recommendations on lube, the Maximus brand lubricant is always one of the most popular suggestions. It seems everyone likes this lube! I was a little hesitant to try it because of the parabens, but since I so rarely use lube internally, I thought I would give it a try. I'm very glad I did.

The bottle is a larger bottle of lube with 8.45oz (250ml) of lube in it.

The Sex (for Her)
I give my boyfriend a lot of handjobs and the occasional footjob. I always like to take my time, and this normally requires a lot of lube application and reapplication. Normally with a water-based lube I'll apply lube 4-7 times depending on the lube. It can be a real pain as it interrupts the action. This lube was an excellent surprise! Where other lubes fall short in duration, this lube wins the prize. It lasts like a silicone lube!  It has a slight oily feel to it, but its very smooth and doesn't end up tacky like most other lubes. This lube just becomes "less" the longer you use it, so pleasant sensation isn't lost to a rubbing feeling.

And I like to play with the balls as well.
When I give him a handjob with this lube, I start out with 2 pumps and start lightly stroking his cock. This lube isn't super thick like some others I've tried, but it isn't runny either. It glides very easily across his dick and covers him very easily. Two or three strokes up and down and his cock is covered in lube. I will toy with him by jacking him off and teasing him lightly, increasing the intensity and, at my pace, bringing him to orgasm. At some point I'll add another squirt just to keep his dick slick enough for easy gliding. Toward the end of a handjob I focus on either the head of the penis or long, fast strokes up and down his dick. I give a lot of pressure so having a smooth, long lasting lube is key! 

I gave him a footjob with this lube last weekend. Similar to the handjob, I normally require multiple lube applications. This time, we only needed 1 application! We covered my toes and his dick and off I went jacking him off with a combination of jerking him off in between the arches of my foot or scrunching my toes around him and moving my feet along his dick. I loved being able to concentrate just on him, not the amount of lube we were using.

The Sex (for Him)
The boyfriend likes this lube because it keeps us both focused on the moment. He masturbates once or twice a day while I'm at work and almost always uses lube (another major reason we go through a lot!). This lube has been used quite a bit in the week we've had it with almost all of it ending up on his dick. When he applies lube he does maybe half a pump onto his palm while jacking off his dick. This requires several pumps while masturbating, but he doesn't seem to mind -- actually he does it to make the whole experience last longer. 
Beautiful boyfriend dick.
I gave him a prostate massage with this lube a couple of nights ago. This was done with my finger, so I wore a glove to help with cleanup and further protection against my fingernails. With other lubes, I start with 2 pumps to generously cover my finger(s) and the exterior of his anus. With the Maximus lube, I was able to just do 1 pump and that was enough to cover everything and leave him feeling slick and comfortable for sliding my finger in. It also kept him sufficiently lubed for the entire massage so we didn't need to worry about reapplication.

The Judgement
Overall, we give Maximus a 3/5. We are so excited to find a water-based lube that lasts this long and doesn't have any tacky/sticky feeling. The first time we used it he asked, "Are you sure it's water-based?" Yes, I checked the ingredients! We love this lube. There are two things we didn't like about it. First, the clean-up. The oily feel made washing hands take a bit longer than other lubes. Also, I let some dry on me for about a half hour (ok, I fell into a sex coma) and when I woke up, it was completely dry. It didn't flake off like I expected, but rubbed off into little sticky balls. It was very odd and I had to use water and wipe or scrub it off. Second, because it has parabens, I won't suck his dick with any of this lube on it, even hours later. With paraben-free lubes I will do that gladly but this one with the weird way it dries and the ingredients, it's not an option. And I really like to have that option.

It's a great lube and I think it's one we'll be purchasing Maximus in the future due to its great qualities for hand and foot jobs.


  1. Thanks for your review! You make us aware of so many things of which we wouldn't otherwise be aware thanks to your reviews. We'll have to look into getting some of this.

    We appreciate the health info as well. It seems like people in general aren't aware of, or aren't concerned with, things like glycerin in lube, or phthalates in toys, so it's nice to read a review that specifically mentions such things.

    Also, the pictures were hot. We like seeing you guys.

  2. I've only bottomed once and given less than a dozen blowjobs but I can honestly say that is one beautiful dick. I would love to swallow a load from it then get it hard again and let you fuck me blind