Friday, August 3, 2012

Snapshot: BBC

Right now, my time is limited for writing due to real life, but I wanted to share a conversation and idea that surfaced this evening.

Occasionally (read: all the time) while I work from home I browse tumblr.

Tonight I came across this:


I showed it to the boyfriend, because the girth of this cock and the view of her pussy being stretched so far was... distracting.

I tilted my screen for him to see (we sit beside each other) and he got up to take a closer look. Our conversation:

Him: Wow, look at that...
Me: You see how thick that is?
Him: Oh I do.
Me: I mean, look at what it's doing to her pussy!
Him: I want that cock in your pussy.
Me (in shock): What!? (He's smiling.) You want something that big in me?
Him: Yes I do. I want him to fuck you.
Me (in disbelief): A big black cock? Like THAT size of cock?
Him: Yeah, I do. I want him to stretch you out.
Me: And what will you be doing when this is happening? Watching the expression on my face?
Him: I'll be in the corner watching, as you make fun of my cock and how it can't satisfy you like that.
Me: Just in the corner? Touching yourself?
Him: Yeah.

(I look down, he's jacking off a full boner right next to me.)

Me: So you really want to be cucked like that one day, huh?

Him: Maaayyybe...
Me: You know I'll make you clean it up... you'll have to lick it clean.
Him: That's OK. (He shrugs it off as no big deal.)
 (I take over jacking off his cock for a few moments.)
Me: You're so naughty! Wanting me to have a Big Black Cock to stretch me out like that.

He only grins in response.

When I think about this picture, I get curious what it would feel like. I wonder what his face would look like as he saw me struggle with the size. What would he feel as he watched me slip from uncertainty to pleasure?

One day, we might find out.


  1. I got hard reading your story , your man is awesome to want u to be stretched like that! Please continue to tell us about your conversations on that subject!

  2. i would like my wife to be in a similar scenario. only if she enjoyed the size of the cock. i would love to watch her in ecstasy as she is filled with pleasure. not sure if that size would cause her pain of pleasure.

  3. Awesome post! Very hot picture, and the conversation that surrounded it was fun and sexy to read. We're not into cuckolding personally, but we appreciate the window into your sex life and we love the fact that such scenarios rev your respective engines.

  4. Once upon a time, I would have been horrified by this picture. Now... hmm... :-)

  5. I get it. I totally get it. We have a friend nicknamed Tripod because he's well.... Trojan Magnums are too small for him, if that says anything. The first time we all played together, and Mrs. AP slid down his cock while I held it in place to make sure she could line up properly, the view was incredible. She said later that he was large enough to rearrange some of her internal organs. Definitely one of the hottest time we've had together.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP