Monday, November 26, 2012

Travelling around the bed

I was laying in bed on a Saturday afternoon, naked. I looked at him, still somewhat bashful even after all these months. He looked at me and my body did a little uncontrolled wiggle of excited.

"Well?" he asked. "Are you going to spread 'em or not?"

I giggled, and spread my legs wide. I had known he was waiting for my legs to spread so he could eat my pussy as he had told me he would do at some point this weekend, but at this moment it had been his suggestion. His offer to eat me "good."

He did not hesitate, but slid in between my legs, leaning on his right arm, as if we he were going to have a conversation with my cunt. He ran his left hand up my thigh, and my eyes closed in relaxation and anticipation. I thought I knew what was going to happen. I thought.

He started as he normally does, making me feel his hot breath on my lips and clit. I can tell he's so close, but he's not touching me so all I can do is wait. He took a couple more breaths and I felt my body yearn for his hot tongue. His breath was so hot, but I knew a soft, wet touch was imminent.

And there it was. Ohhhh yes, that familiar and yet I can never get enough of it: his tongue brushing gently against my clit. My body begins to relax and all that exists is my cunt for him. His short licks are focused on my clit but soon turn into these broad strokes that cover all of my pussy and so soon my voice is echoing in our room from my soft screams of pleasure.

I rock my hips up slightly to give him better access, and he holds me in the right position. I lose all thought and feeling in the rest of my body; everything that exists is in my cunt and that noise I am somehow making without effort.

His licks are driving me wild. Normally he doesn't just lick me. Normally there is tongue fucking, sucking, kissing. Fingers. Right now, there is just licking. He licks me up and up and up, the same motion. It feels so damned good and yet I'm not coming or even close to it. I'm just building and quivering as his tongue plays with me. Minutes pass.

And then, something unexpected. He turns his head sideways to my pussy, and his lips seal around my clit. He doesn't suck, but his tongue starts flicking across me. I am SCREAMING. I can't stop it. The pleasure is so intense and it doesn't stop. I orgasm three times and he doesn't even slow down or take a break.

All I feel is hot wet mouth on my clit and the small surrounding area. No air. Just his mouth and tongue and me. It's too much. Too much pleasure. I'm still screaming. My hands are through the bars on our headboard and I'm pulling myself away. I have to get away.

He has one of my legs, and he uses it to keep me to him so his lips are on me. Still on me. That tongue is flicking at me. Oh god it's too much - I have to get away!

I start pushing at the mattress with my free foot, and my body beings to turn sideways. My pushing left foot is off the bed, now I'm really stuck. I see my pillow go flying off the bed as failing arm tries to get some leverage. It brushes my bedside table and the lamp rocks back and forth. I'm trying to catch my breath from all the screaming but I can't.

My arms manage to grab the quilt and I pull - it does nothing. I'm now laying across the top of our bed, shoulders on his pillow, trapped with him on my pussy. I pull on the headboard to try and get away. I wiggle my hips. HOW is he keeping this air tight seal on my pussy? His mouth hasn't moved - it's all hot down there and now I am experiencing one orgasm after another. I'm overwhelmed. Blind. Parched. My hands find headboard and I pull/push myself against it and the matress and my shoulders are hanging over the edge of the bed - on his side. I've maneuvered across our king size bed desperate to escape the pleasure that is his mouth and my pussy.

He's followed me, he's glued to me. It's like a vacuum seal and I can't get away. I am screaming so loud my throat hurts. It's dry. I have a fleeting though that I could fall off the bed if I keep pushing myself - but how else to get away?

Hit him! I raise my hands to land blows on his shoulders and stop myself - or rather, a very strong orgasm rips through my entire body and I fall back, half of my off the bed and he's holding onto me as I scream, "Stop! STOP! OH GOD STOP! I CAN'T!" It's the best torture and I don't know how I am enduring it.

I shake my trapped leg, hard, and try to push him back away from me with my feet. He relents and I curl up on the bed, panting. Breathless. I'm still moaning, but I'm coughing. My throat is dry. I can't wet it. I try to talk, but there are no words. I still can't open my eyes.

"Why'd you make me stop?"

My eyes flutter, and what comes out are incoherent mumbles. I'm a crazy person, driven mad by pussy eating. He laughs.

"No, I don't think I'm done."

I whimper. He pushes my legs open and pauses. I briefly open my eyes and all I see is pure lust in his. I acquiesce and fall back on his pillow, his mouth attacks me again.


  1. Dang. That is some suction. You two have the most mind blowing experiences.

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  3. Amazing, thanks for sharing.
    I'd have to tie you to the bed first, no escape. ;-)