Monday, July 9, 2012

Lust and the No-Sex Pact

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the BF and I started a "no-sex pact" where we wouldn't have penis-in-vagina (PIV) sex until we moved into our house. Then it would be an explosion of sex. We were supposed to last 24 days. Halfway through, I posted an update where I described some of unexpected "side affects" of such a deal.

I think we had some of our hottest orgasms during these days. We found new ways to pleasure each other (and yes, details on that coming soon!).

But on day 18, we gave in. Day 18 was the day after we closed on the house. After work, we looked around at this house that we have together, our future home, and we gave in to lust and passion.

We didn't even get fully naked. We skipped foreplay.We pulled off pants and underwear, and he fucked me on the floor. He jacked himself off looking at my pussy. I fingered my clit waiting for him; I was on the floor, and his dick was hard in seconds. He laid down and slid slowly into me....

Eighteen days of waiting was over. He filled me up, my pussy surrounding his dick. I felt tight around him and lost myself in the feeling of just his dick sliding in and out of me. He moaned and held my head between his hands, elbows supporting him.

I didn't feel the hard floor beneath me. I didn't care about the carpet under my ass. All I could feel was his weight on me and his dick in me. He ground his pelvis against mine, slightly stimulating my clit. He reached down and started fingered my clit and my already-present moans started to become light, soft screams. He brought me close to orgasm, but not quite. He slowed his fucking while using his fingers to pleasure me.... I wanted more fucking.

I pushed his hand off of me and placed my own finger on my clit. I begged him to fuck me more, fuck me harder, fuck me faster... I needed more dick in me.  He fucked away at me, kneeling upright so I could really get my clit. My orgasm built for a long time, and as I could tell it was getting ready to build, I started telling him I was getting ready to cum. It wasn't really telling him, but the panicked, about to orgasm talk:

"I'm gonna cum... oh I gonna cum... oh fuck oh fuck I'm gonna cum!"

When I came, I screamed as loudly as I needed to - it echoed through the empty house. My body was consumed with the full body orgasm. I arched up against him with just my shoulders and a bit of my ass on the ground. I came screaming and twitching.

My orgasm lasted what felt like a full minute; I'm not sure what it was in reality. I remember my body relaxing in a trembling mess on the floor. I relaxed... and the endorphins took over. I have no memory of how he came... I assume it was in me.

We fucked again later that night.

And then the cleaning, packing, and moving started taking over. Sex and orgasms became luxuries. We fell asleep too tired to for sex, so masturbation took over, if that. The heat wave didn't help. We ran ragged. Moving day came and went - and to celebrate, I rode him cowgirl. Sex began to pick back up, but at a slower than normal pace. It took a few days of unpacking and cleaning for things to calm down where we returned to normal. Like today.

We have unpacked the sex toys and the lube, we have moments to relax. We fucked three times on Sunday. We are once again walking around naked. There is some very naughty sex plans in the works... more details to come.


  1. Good of you to conduct this scientific research, but I'm not going to repeat your experiment even though the hiatus ended with volcanic orgasms.

  2. Great post. Interesting. Makes me wanna try this with Mister, but I already go weeks without seeing John, so I guess I can kinda confirm this. Haha. Btw, congrats on the new house!

  3. That was really intense and what a memory you two made of your new home! I love it! These days I cannot go more than 24 hours without PIV. I get really really upset and I "need" him... 18 days seems like an eternity right now.

    Congratulations on your new home!

  4. What a way to christen the new house! I don't know that Mrs. AP and I could go a that long without PIV -- we both get grumpy if we go without for 2 days -- but if that's the kind of results we can expect maybe my future business trips won't be so bad.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  5. We can understand why you didn't last as long as you planned; we know that deprivation is supposed to make it way better when it finally happens, but we've never been the sort to deprive ourselves. It tends to be pretty great when it does happen, so why go without? Anyway, hot story as always! Thanks for sharing.