Friday, June 7, 2013

New videos on MLNP

We posted our first videos on in February and March. This month, we've posted two more videos.

The first is called Seven Minutes of Heaven and it's my heaven: him eating my pussy through orgasms and body shaking and leg trembling. Our actual video was much longer than the 7 minutes we posted, but we had a technical glitch and it cut out about a minute before we both came. We thought we'd post a 7 minute video of me having multiple orgasms vs a 20 minute video of oral sex and lots of fucking - but no final climax. We like to tease, but not that much!

The second video is a reverse of our very first MLNP video. We're both standing and he fucks me over the bed, but this time we're both facing the camera! There is a lot of boob swinging and his fingers gripping my shoulders. And there might be some really good orgasms... and you can see our faces!

You can find us at to watch our videos and support us and MLNP.

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