Friday, February 22, 2013

Sex Words A-Z

Some words are inherently sexy, or just make me think of sex. Here's my list:

Adam's Apple. My first thought was "ass" but it seemed obvious. An Adam's Apple is such a masculine part of the body. I love watching them move and listening to the deep timbre of someone's voice.

Booty. I love this word because its sex-positive. Words like "butt" and "ass" can have both negative and positive connotations.... but booty? It's full of positive thinking. Booty is always a compliment.

Cunt.  How could I not use this word? I love it. Its powerful and offensive. But why? How is it any different than vagina or pussy other then it's one of society's most feared words - beyond even the f word. Cunt. CUNT. LICK IT.

Daddy. Sometimes, I like to call him Daddy. It makes him want to bend me over and fuck me.

Eros. Erotic love and passion. If you don't have it, you know its missing. I missed it for years, and when I found it.... I've never let go.

French lace. What is it about things being French that make them sexier than their otherwise-sourced comparatives? I would love to own a French lace bra and panty set.

Generosity. Give me a partner who wants to give me orgasm after orgasm, past the point which I think I can handle, and show me new limits of mulitple O's, and I will try to be just as generous.

Hole. Find one. Use it.

Intimacy. The ability to say exactly what you're thinking to your partner. So valuable, and

Jerk off. I love to watch a man play with his own penis. Sometimes its like watching a child play with his favorite toy. Only the play ends in an orgasm and he's so addicted he can't stop.

Kink. It's only weird the first time.

Love. For me, it makes sex a possibility. For him, it makes it so much better than without. The more love, the better the sex.

Mound. I love the pussy mound, how it raises up with your pubic bone. I love how it feels when you massage it with your hand.

Nipple. When he sucks mine, I feel like the most loved woman in the world. It's so intimate.

Orgasm. It's not the end-all, be-all of sex. It's great, but if you're having sex for the orgasm you might be doing it wrong.

Penis. Because God has a sense of humor. From an observational standpoint, they are equal parts hilarious, gorgeous, and pure sex.

Queening stool. One of the most brilliant pieces of furniture ever invented. I need one!

Record. I never though recording ourselves and then watching it would be so fucking HOT.

Silicone. I know more about this material than I ever thought I would, thanks for my interest in body-safe sex toys.

Testosterone. As a PCOS woman, I have way too much. Thankful I have a partner who understands the consequences of that.

Uvula. The way your mouth moves when you say this word reminds me of sex... kind of how your lips form during a blow job. Uuuuvuuuulaaaaa.

Virginity. Highly, highly over-rated.

Wrap. I love to wrap myself around him. Arms and legs, entwining myself.

X-ray. Several times for overseas trips I've had to get a chest x-ray... and you can totally see my boobs on the x-ray. The nice rounded bottom swoops of my boobs... displayed to any doctor or tech who reviews it. I felt so exposed.

Yoni. I really want a yoni massage. Lately, when I look at porn, it's what I look for.

Zero. The number of times you should fake orgasms. Just be honest.

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  1. Creatively done. I did an A-Z sex post, and found it simply fun, but didn't try sex words to quite the same degree.

  2. My personal favorite is H. Nicely done! :)

  3. What a cute and creative idea! I love it.