Monday, March 4, 2013

My thoughts on penis size

All penis sizes are good.

There is no need for comparison. Your penis is your own. Live it. Embrace it. Love it.

Small penis, big penis, fat penis, thick penis, short penis, skinny penis, curved penis, straight penis, flaccid penis, turgid penis, twitching penis, long penis, veiny penis, circumcised penis, uncircumsized penis, black penis, white penis, hispanic penis, Indian penis, average penis, below average penis, above average penis, record breaking penis, tiny penis, huge penis, pinky penis, soda can penis... it's all good penis!

Don't worry about yours compared to his or his or his or hers. You can't change your penis -- so why are you worried about it? It's your penis - learn how to work it.

Here's the big secret: confidence in your penis is sexier than the measurements of your penis. Each woman and man is different. Own what you have.

My fiance loves penises in all sizes and shapes. He loves penis.

For the love of your penis: go jerk one off and remember that its YOUR penis. Love your penis, please.


  1. These are very wise words, and who doesn't love a bit of penis, whatever form it comes in?!

  2. Compatibility is the most important thing.
    There's a penis for everybody and a body for every penis.
    Or not, if penises aren't your thing.
    But they're my thing, and I've loved every single perfectly average penis I've come across.