Tuesday, March 26, 2013

TMI Tuesday: Memorable Moments

What are your five (5) most memorable/amazing sexual moments?

I'm counting these down to the best sexual moment.

5. The first time I had an orgasm from oral sex. Um, yeah. I knew I was missing something, but when it happened for the first time, I was hooked (especially since he could make it happen again and again).

4. The first time I had more than 1 orgasm from masturbation. I had always been a one orgasm girl during masturbation. During the build-up, when pleasure was so high and it felt so amazing, I would tell myself I was going for at least two. I never did. Once the orgasm hit I was so satisfied and the drop from the peak of orgasm to resting was so big that I couldn't muster the desire to do it all over again. That is, until I started having phone sex with my fiance. During one of our first times he told me I was going to have more than one; he would walk me through it. We talked to each other, me describing what I was doing and how it felt. When I came, he listened to me orgasm. What felt like a few seconds of time post-orgasm he told me to do it again, fast. I trusted him and my fingers went after my clit -- BOOM. Second orgasm. Then third. And then he came, listening to me.

3. The first time we had sex. The whole night was amazing. He was so afraid that he was going to hurt me since I'd only had a little bit of boring sex with one person prior to him. He didn't hurt me. The first several months of our relationship he went very slow and very gentle on me. All I remember is how amazing it felt and how loving he was as he coached me through it.
2.  Pegging my fiance and seeing the exquisite pleasure on his face when he came as I fucked against his prostate. He never comes as hard as he does when I hit that just right. 

1. Having a partner acknowledge, affirm, and accept my bisexuality and encourage my full exploration of it.

Bonus:  What is one quality you appreciate in a lover?
A good ear. You can tell all you need to know about how I'm enjoying something or where I'm at in my cycle of arousal just from listening. It doesn't happen immediately and it takes time, but once you know it, you can really make me come.

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  1. Happy TMI!!!
    Love answer to #2!!
    I tried that on my husband :)))))))


  2. While my hubby has never let me have full penetration anywhere near there he has admitted the thought has crossed his mind. Will he ever let me, I haven't a clue. I am not sure I could even begin to know how to in all honesty. I would be afraid I was hurting him or something.

    1. I didn't have a clue until almost 2 years ago when we first started having sex. Pegging was one of the first things we tried -- instigated by him.

      As with anything anal, I would recommend he start playing with himself or you start really small - a gloved finger or a very slim dildo. Even if its just for exploring, it can be a lot of fun and its pretty much guaranteed to be highly pleasurable for him!

  3. I imagine your fiance appreciates you being accepting of his bisexuality. When men find out that I very much like bisexual men they always say "that's rare" or that they have difficult time finding women who are accepting of the bisexuality. 


  4. Pegging is something that Jake is extremely interested in. I have tried it a few times but with not a lot of sucess. A friend of mine who is very skilled at it pegged him once while he fucked me. That was very very hot!