Sunday, January 20, 2013

Geek girl gone wild

This weekend I may have really gone overboard on my geek meter.

I made a twitter account for my favorite MMO 'toon.


Here I am, tweeting for a fake character, strolling through Middle Earth, because I have so much fun playing her I felt like it would be fun.

On a side note, I'm struggling with insomnia and I wonder if this late twitter idea is a side-result. The FHF thinks its equally hilarious and bizarre of me to do this.


  1. Hmm... perhaps there is a twelve=-step programme for this?

  2. The geeky side of me completely understands this. However, the late night twitters and dipping your toes in so many places (like blogging and RL social sites) may be causing the insomnia.

    1. You're right that the late night internet (whether twitter or gaming) doesn't help with insomnia... I try to keep the 40-60 min before I sleep as computer and TV free to help. It can, but not always.

  3. Yeah you may be overstimulated.... your brain.

    Too much computer stuff maybe.

    In terms of this being overly geeky, I heard a good line from someone once with regard to kinky sex she said, "It's only kinky the first time".

    I would say this applies here too, it's only geeky the first time.

    1. Are you suggesting I overstimulate other parts of me? *grin*

      Ha! I totally agree with the "It's only kinky the first time." Wait, did you and I talk about that via twitter?