Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review: Don Wands Pink Graduate Glass Dildo

Note: This product was provided by Erotic Toy Town in exchange for an honest review. You can check out all the glass dildos available at Erotic Toy Town right here.

The Toy
I was looking forward to this review for so many reasons! First, this is my first double-ended dildo and I was so excited to see how both ends worked for me. I only have one other glass dildo, but its more of a rabbit style and a completely different shape. (It is the Icicles No 16 shown here).

This is the Don Wands Pink Graduate Dildo. The two ends of this toy are different shapes and sizes and, for me, serve very different functions. Side A features a pointed "head" that is the same size and shape as the first bulb on Side B. The shaft is then narrow and curved toward what I consider the end of Side B. The curve in this dildo is not extreme, but I found if I was holding the opposite end, it was too pointed up for my comfort. Instead, it made for a great handle for using Side B.

After trying Side A and then Side B, I ended up using Side B exclusively. The two bulbs after the "head" are an excellent size and shape difference between the largest and smallest circumference of the bulbs. The difference is noticeable yet not extreme.

I love glass toys for several reasons and this toy is a great example. It is non-porous so it's body safe and able to be sterilized by boiling water, washing in the top rack of your dishwasher, or rinsing with a water/bleach solution. (I'm not a fan of bleach so I always going boiling or dishwasher). In between sterilizing washes I'll wash it with regular soap and water.

I'm not normally a fan of pink, but pink glass is pretty!
To warm it up (room temperature seems really cold on my pussy) I'll run it under hot water for about thirty seconds and then it feels very warm against my skin. You can put it in the fridge and freezer for some temperature play, but that's not really in my interest for this toy, so I haven't done that.

The Sex (for him)
The only time he really uses this toy is when I ask him to help me get off with it. Normally this toy is a masturbation toy for me, but I can't get a fast back and forth motion on my own, so I ask him for help. He's more than helpful and will use the "handle" (aka the end of Side A) to fuck me with this toy in a sawing type motion. I love the feeling of these bulbs sliding in and out of my vagina and the rhythm he selects is usually perfect. Sometimes I have to tell him to slow down as this is a glass toy and if he moves it too fast it feels like he's beating up my vagina rather than pleasuring me.

I offered to use this toy on him anally, but we had a couple of concerns. First, the angle on side A makes it awkward and too shallow to hit his prostate. For side B, he does not like texture in his anal play and he didn't want the experience of having these bulbs slide in and out. We decided not to use this toy on him and keep it for me. (This also helps cut down on how often we sterilize it vs a simple soap and water wash).

The Sex (for her)
This toy has become my favorite dildo! I would never have guessed it had such potential, but aside from my favorite bullet vibe and the Hitachi, it is one of three toys and the only dildo that has claimed a permanent spot on my nightstand for frequent use. IT IS THAT GOOD.

The first time I used this toy on Side B, I realized there was some great potential here. My first orgasm with this toy was just OK, but that's how all toys seem to be on the first try. Since my second try, I've been hooked on it.

Nightstand quality
The length of Side B is perfect - I really don't need a long dildo to get off. I've gotten off with just sliding the "head" in and out of me -- so shallow! -- as I'm very sensitive at the entrance of my vagina. If I go in to the second or third bulb, I can hit my G-spot just right and most of the time I end up squirting. EASY SQUIRTING. I can't believe I used to try so hard with other toys and could never happen. This toy is the right everything, I'm guaranteed a squirt within a couple of minutes of play.

After I've squirted with this toy, I'll continue to play with it or just leave it in me while I use the Hitachi on my clit. The combo of these two toys gives me an incredible dual clitoral-vaginal orgasm so incredibly good, even I surprise myself with the screaming. My vagina clamps down and squeezes the dildo during orgasm, and the hardness of the glass mixed with my vaginal spasms is... bliss. Wet, orgasmic bliss!

The Judgement
What more can I say about this toy? It's a winner. A favorite. A favorite that has made the nightstand of honor. I love this toy, especially when combined with the Hitachi.I have bigger toys, longer toys, thicker toys, and certainly more expensive toys... but they can't do what this dildo does for me. Thank you Erotic Toy Town for the awesome dildo!

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