Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Uhhh, what happened?

Sometimes plans just don't work out. Like, having nearly 14 days off in the last half of December would mean I could fit in a lot of writing and actually get ahead on my blog. I could write up a year in review and think about my 2013 plans and resolutions and post the list as a goal for the New Year.

Well, things didn't quite turn out that way. First, it was a seriously time crunch on my end for Christmas shopping where I was spending many evenings shopping when I thought I would have this all wrapped up (literally). Then work spilled over into my holidays as I ended up having to work and manage social media for my real-life job since the newest employee wasn't set-up or ready to handle it yet. And then, I got a little carried away with cooking and baking and lost huge chunks of time to my kitchen.

And then things just went south. On Christmas Eve, my dishwasher broke. It broke right as I was preparing a full turkey dinner and finishing my baking -- so there was an entire day of just managing dishes & the kitchen. (And on the brighter side, I've no money to replace it, so it looks like we'll be living without for quite a while.)

The day after Christmas, I got sick. Really sick. In fact, a week later, I'm still sick. I was told it's the flu, but since I'm not improving I think another visit to the doctor may be in order. I spent my last 7 days off, including the only 3 my fiance also had off of work, being so sick I couldn't even contemplate getting naked (due to chills) or having sex (complete lack of energy or interest).

I'm mad as hell over this. My plans were going to be:
  • Spending a lot of time writing while my fiance was at work.
  • Playing housewife while he worked (something I rarely get to do anymore and I do love to indulge my domestic side).
  • Paint the entryway of our home
  • Relax.
All very doable, had I not succumbed to this coughing, congested mess that has kept me in blankets and napping constantly.

I've no year-end summary, although I'd still like to write one.

I haven't even fully thought-out my resolutions, but I still plan to.

I will get to these, somehow, once I am recovered enough to really sit and think clearly.

I'm supposed to return to work tomorrow, but I have no idea when I'll actually return to work. Tomorrow is the kick-off of huge work project due in February, so I know I'll be doing a hybrid sick day/work from home day to at least stay current and contribute as I can. I'm so glad I have a job that can flex like this; I only wish it wasn't coming at the very start of the year where I should be well rested for the pile of work that will be waiting for my inevitable return to the office.

In short, I've not abandoned my blog. Really. I'm still fairly active in twitter (I try to keep my complaints about being sick to a minimum, really I do). It's just for the very, very near future, I can't write or even scribble together anything worth reading.

Happy freaking new year.


  1. OH I had that earlier in December and it sucks big green donkey dicks with purple polka dots. I am still recuperating but doing much better than I was..

  2. I've been sick for over a month, and around here there's this viral thing going around that lasts 6-8 weeks. It's ridiculous really.
    I also had grand plans with my couple weeks off. I had dreams to clean my poor neglected home, and I ended up just gutting out and organizing, but it looks more messy and no real cleaning happened. I had plans of tying up, sex 5-8 times a day, and the gym or exercise everyday. Only one session using the ties, sex on average of twice of day (I suppose I should still be thankful, but my expectation was grander). As for exercise, it happened only one day thanks to still be sick.
    Does this blog ever speak to me right now!