Thursday, January 3, 2013

Red Region's Sexiest Blogs List

So, I am quite delighted and surprised to have made the blogroll list of "Sexiest Blogs of 2012" as rated by Reg Region Inferno! Unlike some other lists I've seen, Red Region complied this list himself of blogs that he has found. He did not ask for submissions, suggestions, or opinions. I'm quite honored!

The full list can be found here: and I highly recommend that you check it out along with the blogs on there. Many of these blogs are ones that I read (or try to read) regularly and the others, well, I have some reading to do!

One thing that took me aback is that: I can't recall ever visiting Red's blog prior to being notified I was placed on his list! That's a shame. I went through many of his prior entries and it's another blog I need to add to my reading list. What I really like is that he is an artist, and his work is regularly featured on the blog. You need to take a look at his artwork and I'll be surprised if it doesn't turn you on.

Thank you! And happy reading!

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