Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I made him watch me masturbate

Friday. I woke up horny. I ran off to work. Once there, I got wound up on twitter talking with wonderful, sexy people about making out with a girl, chewing gum as practice for oral sex, and how my hornyness was causing me to hit on almost any woman I found attractive on twitter.

And of course, everyone taunted me. By noon I could smell myself just sitting at my desk. I took extra pee breaks just to smell me more - and wipe out the extra wet off of my pussy. After work I had some errands to run, and I could barely stand not going home to masturbate.

Finally, home after 6pm, and I'm aching to orgasm. I tell the boyfriend, and we devise a genius plan. Into the bedroom we disappear, both stripping naked. I sit him up with his back on the footboard of the bed. I took our rope handcuffs and tied them together behind his back tight through one of the bars. His legs were stretched out in front of him, and I laid down with my legs up and over his legs. I had told him he wasn't allowed to cum until tonight when I would fuck him with a toy of my choosing. For now, he had to sit and watch.

I laid down and displayed myself to him, pulling my pussy lips wide open. I slid a finger down and wiggled it just outside the entrance of my vagina. The noise was loud in the room; it made him gasp. I ran my feet down his legs to his balls and dick. It was quickly growing hard. He bit his lip as he looked at me, telling me it was wrong to tease him so much with my feet. I pulled a finger out and tasted myself and made a show of it for him. Delicious. He licked his lips.

I took out a new toy, a bullet vibe that is four inches long and has a beautiful shape of multiple bulbs. I had never used this toy yet, but I wanted it in me. I turned it on, and pushed it in. Aaaahh yes that was what I was needed. I slid it in and out slowly, testing the vibrations. I spread my pussy lips wide so he could watch. He bit his lip. His legs tensed.

I loved how it filled me but just a little, not too much. Sliding in and out of me I could feel the ripples. It felt much longer than four inches as each rippled passed in and out of me. Pulling out felt the best, it made me moan. I pushed it in me, and left it there. I played with my clit with my fingers a little bit, and then I felt my vagina tensing around the vibe.

An idea hit me. I used my kegels, and pushed the toy out of me. The boyfriend gasped as he watched it push out, then pop out at the end and my moan told him just how good it felt. I pushed it back in and spread my lips wide and pushed it out again. Over and over. It felt incredible! I felt his dick with my toes - it was rock hard. He asked me if it felt really good, I responded with a loud, long moan.

By now my clit is begging for some proper attention. I pushed the long bullet in me, and pulled out my favorite (regular sized) bullet vibe. His mouth dropped - BOTH? Yes, both. One in me, the other on my clit. The one in me was on an intermittent, fast buzzing pattern while the small bullet on my clit was on very low - and my moans went to another level. I almost cried from the intensity. My legs instantly went tense. I moved my foot away from his hard dick - I didn't want to hurt him by accident. I shifted my legs wider, now on the outside of his, my pussy in full view to him.

I held the small bullet on my clit and my moans reflected my need to cum. But I toyed with myself - cumming quick would be too easy. I waited excruciating hours for this, it was going to be worth the wait. I played with my breasts, my nipples hard. I pulled and pinched at them with one hand while the other held the bullet. My vagina gripped the large bullet.

He stretched his legs straight and put his toes on my ass, kneading me slightly. He got close to my asshole, but moved away. I was distracted with his feet wandering around me. Thighs, ass, thighs... then a big toe pushed the bullet vibe in all the way - his toe held it in me. I could feel it buzzing against my cervix. Intense, almost too intense, my body tried to move away but his foot seemed to follow me. My clit was begging for my attention too much. It became a dizzying array of pleasure in so many areas... I could hardly think.

And then I turned the smaller bullet up from very low to medium, and the moans exploded from my mouth, crying out begging for release. He watched my body writhe in front of him, pussy exposed for him to watch. My orgasm did not take long to arrive, but it took forever to stay. It hit and the shock wave rocked through my entire body. I went from very loud to silent.... silent....   silent. I lost all remembrance of movement or feeling just an explosion of pleasure throughout my entire body. He withdrew his foot as frenzied spasms rocked through my body.

Finally, I found my voice and a high, loud scream was heard - and it took me a second to realize it was me. Was it make the room vibrate? It seemed like it. If anyone ever thought I was being physically tortured, it was this moment. I screamed through the orgasm for what felt like an eternity. Finally I managed to switch the small bullet vibe off - it was pinned to my clit in between my legs. I slowly, relaxed. The boyfriend's body was tense from watching me. My body continued to tremble as small aftershocks ran through me.

He begged me to untie him, to let him touch himself. As soon as I was sure I could find my ability to move I got up, licked his cock slowly from tip to base, and untied him. I bent him over, and plugged him with the butt plug.

"Now you wait," I said, "Until I say its time to fuck you."

And he did wait. I teased him a lot that night, wiggling the plug and spanking him with it in him.

Later that night, I stuck the same gold bullet vibe in his ass while I slowly jacked him off. He was well satisfied by the time I finished.


  1. was amused by the title of this post. I've never had to be forced to watch a woman masturbate. :)

    I can relate to long work days of horniness, though nowhere near as much as Jill can. I haven't worked a nine-to-five job in almost a decade; she's around a gaggle of hyper schoolchildren and mostly unsexy teachers all day long. I do my best to make sure that she's constantly horny at work, whether via email, via text, or via Twitter. She claims it's frustrating, but the frustration rarely lasts long once she gets home.


  2. You're one bad mamma jamma! And I love it. I must now tie up Neo and force him to watch. Delicious!

  3. How wonderfully tortuous that must have been for him. I wouldn't be able to stand it, but still, it sounds fun as hell!

  4. This is what l do to mu hubby, poor guy he loves it so much that he asks me if l can just do it once a month for him. Yu should see his face.

  5. I enjoyed reading your description of doing this to your man. Delicious. My girlfriend did this to me once, tied me up, teased me hard and then stopped before I could cum, making me watch her pleasure herself to orgasm. Such delicious torment.

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