Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TMI Tuesday: Cum, are you a fan?

1. We are all incurable sex addicts, but name one thing—a job, a passion, a creative outlet, a collection—of yours you use as a replacement, a distraction from constantly thinking about sex 24/7.
 My biggest distraction from thinking about sex is work. I am highly determined to succeed and pour a lot of my time and energy into work. Its the one major reason why I've had to pull back from blogging recently. I am too driven to just sit and wait for an opportunity; I believe in making opportunities happen. That said, I tweet a lot while working and am always interrupted by thoughts of sex while at work.  And you know when I work from home, there are always sex breaks!

2. Have you ever loved somebody so much you thought having sex with them would actually sully the pristine purity of that love?
I've been in an (almost) sexless relationship. I don't think there's any sort of "pristine purity" of love that would make you not want to have sex with someone. If you love them in a romantic/sexual way, then sexual thoughts should be a part of it. If you don't want them, then the "love" you feel is not the type of love you think it is. Trust me.

3. If you could make love to yourself, would you? Describe this experience in full detail.
HELL YES. There are many times where I've wanted to be able to experience this. No one knows how to make you cum like you do, its a feel unlike any other. So how awesome would it be to extend that to more than just fingers? If I had a clone of me, we'd be all other each other kissing, licking, stroking, and finger fucking. Masturbation would be a million times better than it is today, I'm sure.

4. Cum, are you a fan? Explain and expound.
Yes and no. Let's divide this up into separate answers...

Penis cum? Yes, I love to see it pouring from my partner's cock. It turns me on and has pushed me over the edge to orgasm while masturbating. It's so very hot to see his orgasm so visually. As for swallowing, I never swallowed until my boyfriend. My ex didn't care so from day one I spit or pulled out and aimed it away from me. I really wasn't interested in ever trying to swallow it. When I started giving the boyfriend BJs, I asked his preference. That was kind of easy - he'd never had an orgasm from oral. For him,  he didn't care and to this day he insists that I do whatever I feel comfortable/want to do. The first time I swallowed I realized it wasn't so bad/weird/gross as I thought - actually it was pretty easy to swallow with his dick shoved back in my throat.

Having cum on my body? No problem. I really don't even care if you get it in my hair. That's easily washable. However, what I'm not a fan of is having it shot somewhere - on him or me - and then being told to lick it off. There's something about transferring cum to my mouth that almost makes me squick. I don't get it... but it probably means I'll never cumswap with anyone unless I get the load shot in my mouth first.

As for my own cum, I love it. Bring it on. I'm always up for sticking my fingers in my pussy and licking them, no matter how wet or creamy.

5. Does it creep you out to know that God is watching you as you’re fucking?  
No, because I think sex and orgasms are one of the best feelings and experiences God created. I don't think he's watching me like a creepy neighbor through binoculars. It's His invention, so why would me using it creep me out? 

Personally, this question irks me because it insinuates that sex is somehow dirty, wrong, and sinful. I'm not here to get on my religious soapbox because this is not the time and place. My beliefs are for my own actions, not yours so sharing them with you is pretty much pointless. I believe in God and, for the most part, am Christian in my beliefs. I believe He created everything and has knowledge of everything. 

That means he knows my dreams, my fantasies, my kinks, how many times I pee, and what I think when I shower. He knows me at my most intimate. I'm not intimidated by this thought, I embrace and am encouraged by it. He knows everything I like, hope, and want. I don't try to hide or even suggest that I could hide anything from Him. I consider my boyfriend a gift from God. He knew exactly who I needed and wanted in life and I can not be more overjoyed. That's just my two cents.

Bonus: Tell us something sexy that happened to you this week.
Despite my almost non-existence in the blog world, a lot of sex has been happening this past week. I got fucked so hard on my birthday that my pussy was too sore for sex for two full days - that's NEVER happened. Even a finger took a lot of warm up during that time period...

He ended up laying me down on my back, rounding my ass up so my vagina was higher up than normal, then using his arms to pull on the headboard and curl his pelvis into me and then up. It wasn't just cervix deep like I've had before (and loved) but this time it was "oh-my-god-OW-it-feels-so-good-how-OW-can-it-feel-OW-so-good-OW-so-good-OW-it's-so-big-OW-look-at-his-biceps-curl-and-OW-the-headboard-OW-bend-OW-so-deep-oooh-eye-contact-OW-fuck-it-feels-good" kind of experience.


  1. I'm jealous of your bonus answer, and now need a shower. Wow!

    As to #2-- yes there are many different forms of love and I don't think many people realize that. Greek has five separate words. English sucks sometimes.

    #4-- I am so happy for you that you have a man in your life who lets you call the shots when it comes to fellatio. Sex should be about give/take, compromise. Putting a penis in your mouth, and everything that goes with it, should be entirely up to you. It is a gift and not to be taken lightly. I HATE it when men try to hold me in place, and I HATE seeing it all over porn.

    and I absolutely ADORE your number 5. Sex, lovemaking and all there that entails is absolutely one of the best parts of Creation. The Divine is about LOVE, not judgement or rules. I have a similarly open relationship with the Divine, I can and do tell them everything and anything. Unless there is something I do not wish to disclose. Even then They know a part. Omniscient, after all. When they choose to be.

    Thanks for the great answers and for stopping by my blog!


    1. So true! But I almost wonder if you have to experience the other types of love to really understand it and believe it exists.

      Yes, I think we're completely in line on number 5.

  2. Your proactive nature is a good thing. If it means less blogging, take solace in the fact that you are doing the right thing for yourself and for your future.

    I feel the same way with regard to #2, though my own answer was far less deep and decidedly more smart-assed.

    Great answer to #4. Very in-depth and well-thought-out. Jill will gladly lick my cum off of her tits, but if she's going to cumswap she prefers it in her mouth first.

    Can I just say that I love reading this week's answers because I love seeing how many Christians are completely wild and sex positive? It's awesome.

    Your birthday sex sounds great. Kinda wish I was there, if I'm being honest.


    1. Now Jack, you know I want nothing but honesty from you!

  3. That bonus...oh my goodness, the pulling on the headboard for more leverage makes quite a solid pounding. But you know that, don't you? Happy birthday to you, indeed!