Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TMI Tuesday: The Big O

1 – Do you remember your first orgasm? How old were you? Tell us about it.
Even though I first started masturbating at the age of 12 (I think), I didn't orgasm until I was 18. Try as I might (and try I did almost every day for those 6 years!), I could never orgasm. It would get very pleasurable, and I would get close, but I didn't know how to pace myself and build to orgasm... more often than not I just rushed into it and got a good feeling, but never the satisfaction. I knew there was 'more.'

My first orgasm happened in Geneva, Switzerland. My boyfriend at the time and I had snuck off campus and rented a "cheap" hotel room in the red light district (the only area we poor college students could afford). We had been dating for about 9 months but I hadn't even removed my bra yet... well, that night I did. It was also the first time I had him remove his pants (but not his underwear!) and I found his boner quiet hard under me as I sat astride him. Making out I ended up grinding my hips and found the perfect angle where my clit rubbed the length of his dick up and down. I knew where it was going but I didn't give myself away. I just kissed him through the pleasure and came for the first time ever.

Poor virgin didn't even realize it until I told him about it years later.

2 – What is your favorite way to orgasm? (Sex, g-spot/p-spot, oral, etc).
Hands down my favorite way is with fingers on my clit! It's more intense with something (preferably dick) in me while this is happening, but a clitoral orgasm with fingers is awesome. I am so attracted to hands and its more exciting than tongue and more pleasurable than penis.

3 – Are there any ways you want to experience an orgasm but haven’t yet? (oral, p-spot/g-spot, with or without a vibrator, squirt, etc).
I finally achieved squirting, but I would really like to combine it more with orgasm (its not always simultaneous) and actually target it rather than it happen only 50% of the time when I'm trying for it. Otherwise I can G-spot orgasm but it is rare. And, lucky me, my BF is quite good at making me cum via oral sex.

4 – Have you ever had an orgasm in your sleep?
No! I always wake up RIGHT before it's going to happen. 90% of the time my hand is touching myself so I go ahead and finish anyway... I mean, how could I not!?

5 – What is the easiest/fastest way for you to have an orgasm?
Well, it used to be with my fingers. However, since I bought the Hitachi, that is such an easy way to cum. Actually its almost TOO easy. It takes just a few minutes and I'm done. 

6 – How many times a week do you try to reach orgasm?
I don't set a goal, ever. I just let it happen. I would say last year (prior to the house purchase and my crazy work schedule over the summer) I was averaging 25 orgasms a week. Now I'm probably in the 10-15 range. That's OK - its still A LOT.

7 – Have you ever had an orgasm at the same time as your partner? Who normally cums first?
YES. Now, I realize this is the bane of porn and erotica where the partners always orgasm together... it's not always for us, but it does happen a lot. I get very excited when a man comes in me. If I've been having a pleasurable time and building up, there's a good chance that when he comes that first tremble of his will trigger my own orgasm. It's so freaking hot I just come. If not, then I get super horny and am almost guaranteed the need to come again. 

There are plenty of times where my orgasm triggers his from my initial clench around his penis. My whole body arches into him and it sends him over the edge - and wow. It's a beautiful moment.

Normally I come first during PIV sex. My boyfriend is very good at holding off his orgasm to ensure I always come first. If for whatever reason I don't, he absolutely helps me finish.

8 – Can you have multiples?
Yes, I can. It happens very frequently, especially with a vibrator or while getting fucked through an orgasm.

9 – How long does it normally take you to reach orgasm?
With my fingers, between 5-10 minutes. Through PIV sex, anywhere from 3-15 min depending on what we do, etc. From oral, about 5 minutes. With the Hitachi, oh about 2 minutes.

These are my best guesses - I really lose track of time.

10 – Have you ever faked one?
NO. I don't understand the point of it. Anyone I'll ever sleep with or be intimate will be treated with the respect of me always being honest. Sometimes it just isn't going to happen because I'm tired, distracted, sick, etc. Sometimes I don't care but I just want to be used. I'm not going to prolong things just to lie about it. If its not working for me, I'll be honest and tell you what to change or what I need. Some nights I can't orgasm from PIV sex and I need clit stimulation. Some nights I don't want my clit touched. Very recently I was fucked so hard I couldn't have penetration for almost three days, so it was vibe only for me.

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  1. It may have taken you years to finally climax, but you probably couldn't have picked a cooler location for your first one!

    Your answer to #4 sounded really frustrating until you mentioned that you finish yourself off when you wake!

    Twenty-five orgasms a week? Even 10-15 is probably more than I have. Well, some weeks, anyway.

    Love your description of "that first tremble of his". If Jill is close and I cum inside her, she will almost always cum as well. Other times, her "initial clench" sets me off. Very hot.

    Great answer to #10!


  2. Awesome answers! I especially loved the image of number one. You are like me in not believing in faking orgasms (though I admit I did it once).

  3. I definitely agree with the not faking thing. I've done it and it's a waste of effort. I still have NO idea why I lied to him about it. Anyway, great answers! Happy Tuesday!!

  4. I COMPLETELY agree with your statement in number 8. Simultaneous orgasms is truly a BANE, propagated by porn, erotica, horrible romance novels, and magazines.

    I've never experienced it myself, but I understand that it must be an incredible happening. Especially from the emotional intimacy standpoint. Sex can and IS still wonderfully rewarding when done right. Simultaneous orgasm as the gold standard? PFFT. That needs to go.

  5. Ok the fact that you had an orgasm and never even got completely naked is HOTTER than hell. I love teasing like that. Mine have come from penetrative sex, umm stripping the gears from a Rabbit once. I was pissed I had just bought that toy...