Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Epic squirt

This is what happens when I don't squirt for days... and then I get fucked doggie style, head on the mattress. He fucks me slow, shallow, and it only takes a minute or two before I explode.

This was pretty epic, even for me. The two "blank spots" in the middle were his knees.

Squirty  mess.



  1. Wow. I'm impressed. You're making up for lost time in leaps and bounds!
    Holy shit. I keep scrolling back up to double check the size. Yeah. That's huge. I hope you rehydrated. :)

  2. Yowsers! You need that waterproof blanket now! LOL Hope it felt amazing :)

  3. It's so awesome to do this, huh? I love when I squirt like this. Is this one squirt or multiples? Usually, mine are multiples when it's this much. My hubby really digs my squirting. He catches it in a cup and pours it all over me and makes me drink it. It's HOT!

  4. Oh fuck yes. So happy for you!

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  5. I showed my husband your bed today when he came home…. we are both very happy for you.


  6. If I was a girl and could do that all day long, I'd never leave the house.

  7. This is AMAZING, and I say that as someone who frequently photographs his wife's own prodigious wet spots. What a beautiful bit of evidence of the wonderful time you had. And I love the two "blank spots" made by his knees. You two are so fucking hot.