Friday, September 28, 2012

Foot Fetish Friday: Converse

Last week on twitter, someone asked where all the sport shoe fetish pictures were. Sure, heels and bare feet are great, but what about the girl-next-door wearing her sneakers and socks?

Well, sneaker foot fetishists, today is your day.

For his birthday a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to dress a little sexy for him, but it was fifty degrees and downpouring. Hmm. Well, bring out the jean skirt, white knee-highs socks, and purple Converse shoes! He noticed, and loved it.
Jean skirt. Scrunched knee-highs, purple Converse shoes.

I do like the way the socks scrunch on me.

Relaxing on the red leather ottoman.
This picture was a mistake, but I liked it.

These are my comfy go to the store, hang out, dinner with friends in jeans (or jean skirt shoes). However, I've also been known to wear them with black dress pants for work and might I say: its an awesome look. 

Size 7 feet.
No pictures of my feet today - but if you want to see, check out last week's post!


  1. I love Chucks. You prove that shoes don't have to have stiletto heels in order to be sexy. Out of all of these, my favorite shot is the penultimate one - that delicious expanse of bare leg gives me delightful stirrings.


  2. I've never been partial to sneakers, but I have to admit, they look super cute on you!

  3. I've had the same chucks since I was 15. They are a little worn, but no way I can ever get rid of them.