Monday, October 1, 2012

A new way to orgasm

In June during our no sex pact, we were horny and drive to suck and finger each other as much as we could. Nothing brought the relief of we needed: fucking. But during this frenzied, unleashed passion we discovered for each other, we discovered a new way to make me orgasm. A way neither of us expected.

It started with me begging him to eat me out. My need for orgasms was not to be sated, no matter how long he licked and sucked at me. Five orgasms came so quickly but I still felt wanting. His mouth had been so hot and warm. I was so turned on with desire that I couldn't beg enough for more or orgasm loud enough. The orgasms passed too quickly.

The entire time his mouth had been on me, my hands had been jerking on his very hard dick. The more he made me come, the harder and faster I wanted to jack him off. I wanted him to come, but I didn't want to stop coming myself.

After orgasm number five, I told him it was his turn. He thought his work was done, but not quite. I had him lay down on his back, then I crawled on top, positioning my pussy above his mouth.

"Lick," was all I had to say. And he did. Slightly pulling my pussy lips wide, he slid his tongue in between my pussy lips. My head sank down to his cock, sucking the head of it. He responded with tongue-fucking my vagina. I moaned into his cock, stilling my head and just letting my tongue express how good I was feeling.

He moaned into me and pressed himself as far as he could into my body. My lips became incapable of holding his cock. I pulled my right hand off the bed and resumed jerking off his cock. My head was resting against the head of his penis, moaning, it was all the control my mouth had.

I thought he would complain about the loss of my tongue, but when I started to jerk him off, he became more aggressive. His tongue worked me even quicker. I came. And then came again.

How many more times could I come? I lost track. I jerked on his cock, barely able told myself off the bed. My left wrist ached supporting myself on the bed while my right was jerking him off into my breasts which were snuggling around his cock. I could barely maintain my position keeping my body from collapsing onto him in pleasure.

My whole body felt pleasure from jerking him off and feeling his pleasure repeated in tongue. His hands wandered around my ass and hips. Then he changed tactics.

His fingers pulled apart my ass cheeks and his tongue wandered up to my asshole. His tongue dragged my cum up and swirled around me hot and wet. My surprised was echoed in a loud moan, and then softened by complete surrender to this new pleasure.

He paused only to make the quick comment, "Oh, you're asshole tastes so good.... yes, keep going baby! Mmm..." All I could do was bow my head and moan into his body. His cock was almost swallowed by my breasts and my hand was struggling to move through the heavy masses. My left wrist was abandoned for my elbow as my strength was almost entirely lost.

He licked and flicked my asshole with his tongue - and then I came. Hard. I screamed into hip and I felt my asshole pucker as he continued to lick at it while my hips bucked against him.

When I calmed, he asked, "Did you just orgasm?" in disbelief. Neither of us expected that. All I could do was moan affirmatively in response.

And then he licked at me again. More. I came three more times from his tongue licking my ass. He kissed me but when he flicked across my pucker and even prodded me with his tongue, I came so hard. He came while I screamed through my third orgasm, the extreme pleasure forcing my hand in swift, hard movements on his cock until he exploded on to my breasts.

I lay panting on the bed, satisfied for the moment. I had never had an orgasm from anal pleasure. He says he had given me a rim job before today, but I don't remember it. If it did happen, it was nothing like what had just happened to me. It felt like I had seen starts and felt them spread through my entire body.

He said my asshole tasted sweet.

The next night, we did it all over again and I came 10 times.


  1. The anus has even more nerve endings than the clitoris, and between that and the novelty of anilingus to you, it's no surprise you blasted off like a moon rocket.

  2. MMMMMM! Just reading about your anal orgasms, makes me want one (or two) right now! I have had them many times, and Oh! They are such a lovely way to cum! Okay I am all wet now!!!! Thanks!