Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Quickie update

In bullet points, because that's about all I have the energy for right now:

Update from me:
  • His parents are coming to visit and stay with us this coming weekend. First time they've made the trip to see us. I like them. They've been very welcoming and automatically accepted me when we first started dating. They are also pressure-free when it comes to marriage and potential offspring. But, as a perfectionist and entertainer at heart, I'm already starting to stress.
  • I'm considering adding a wishlist and a "Tip me" place to my blog. I figure it couldn't hurt and the most I have to gain is something really cool and/or sexy.
  • Winter is coming and I'm feeling the "no winter shaving" coming on. I'm not a fan of shaving my legs in general, but in the winter its especially annoying. My boyfriend doesn't care, thank goodness, but I'm not sure how this would look in my foot fetish posts.
  • I need to start working out. It's time to kick this body into super-sexy shape! 
  • Blog writing: I have 5 posts in draft right now. Some should be done within the next week or two, but I think one or two may take a while still. Formulating my thoughts on a couple of subject has my wheels spinning.
  • I STILL have not given the boyfriend his pop-rocks BJ as I promised him nearly 2 weeks ago I would. I've not been feeling in the BJ mood and now he's starting to ask when its going to happen.... can't say I blame his impatience, but sometimes you just don't want to do certain sexual things and for whatever reason I'm not feeling very.... orally horny right now.
  • This afternoon we had such an intimate quickie. Oh it was passionate and wonderful. He kissed me and made out with me before making me come from his fingers and then he fucked me slowly, ending with just a medium pace while he sat up, gripping my boobs in a vice grip arms straight out in front of him, staring down at me, eyes locked. I could see his arms and shoulder muscles tensed with the motion of thrusting in me. He collapsed on my breasts moaning softly right as he came. It was beautiful, tender, and yet so full of masculine energy that I was overwhelmed with how .... HOT and BEAUTIFUL this man and his love and attraction for me is. It blew me away.
I need your help:
  • Later this week: Pick my next pedicure color! I'm going to put it to a vote...
  • Blog reading: I have a very hard time keeping up on blogs that are not on blogger and have the Google Friend connect. That's the easiest way for me to keep up because I see all the latest entries when I check my own blog. How do I keep up with all the misc Wordpress/self-hosted blogs out there? I don't want an email from each blog and I also don't want to have to visit each blog to see if there's an update. I feel so blog-ignorant asking this question. Help!
  • Halloween. I'm not a big fan of Halloween. I think the last time I dressed up I was... 8, so 20 years ago. My boyfriend is dying to dress up -- I have no idea what to do for a costume. I'd like to do something work appropriate as they always dress up there, as well. Any ideas for something that a little sexy yet work appropriate?


  1. Be careful when using poprocks for oral. If one makes it way into the urethra opening it can hurt like hell. I speak from experience.. ahem. To follow a blog that doesn't have google friend connect like mine look for the RSS feed for it. Then add it to your google reader.

  2. I use netvibes. It finds the rss feed for a URL and adds it to a nice list. :)

    As for Halloween.. I got nothing.

  3. I must confess, I visit each blog page individually. Maybe someday I'll use Google Reader. I know it's popular.

    I have no clue, money, nor time for a costume this year. *sigh*