Monday, October 15, 2012

Reunion Pt 2

When his parents visited, we didn't have sex, mainly due to our awkward and public sleeping arrangements. In reality it was only 48 hours we didn't have sex, masturbate, or grope each other. It felt like a really long time in our own home.

On the first night, we gave each other hand-jobs. Intimate, intense, hand-jobs (read about it here).

On the second night, with parents now gone and the house our own, sex didn't wait until bedtime. Sex happened during some TV show we were watching on Netflix, probably a Mythbusters. We had been sitting on the couch as we normally do: Me on the one side, and he laying on my leg across the length of the couch. One of my legs was in his arms for him to touch, caress, feel up, and wander. His fingers ran the length of playing with toes to my pussy lips, teasing me.

I became a mess of soft moans and wiggling as he teased me, coyly asking why I couldn't sit still. After enough whimpering, he asked, "Do I have to fuck you now?" I grinned and he told me to pick my spot.

I'm not used to this decision. Normally he tells me how and where he wants it. Being told to make that choice was a little overwhelming...  the couch? the ottoman? floor? No... I knew...

Into the eat-in kitchen, where I pulled out a dining room chair, turned it around, and bent over, holding the back of the chair. I stayed on the linoleum, aware of the huge potential for squirting in this position.

He came over and grabbed my ass. "Oh. Fuck. Look at this ass!" and he spread my ass cheeks for him to feel and inspect. His fingers explored me fully. "So, you want to be fucked like this? I WONDER why.... naughty girl." He slipped a finger between my legs and then up into my wet vagina.  "Slut, you're already so wet for me! You just want it, don't you?"

I did. He made me spread my legs for him, and then pushed his cock into me. It felt rough and hurt as he didn't wait for my wetness to coat his dick. "Slow down.... your not wet yet.... it hurts a bit."

"Does it still hurt?" He isn't slowing down.

"Its getting better..." He's picking up the pace.

"Good. Then stop complaining and take it like I know you want it." I did.

He fucked rolling his hips up and into me, slowly, not rushing. The slow movements made it feel like his cock was larger than normal as it stretched my vagina for the first time in 3 days. I felt every inch of it slide in and out, forcing its way in me. I could feel him targeting my G-spot and encouraged him with my moans.

When I felt close, I begged him not to stop to keep going, I needed to squirt. I could feel it building in me... and there it was, pouring out of me, days of pent-up lust and tension poured over my legs and our feet. He pulled out to let it pour and watched it splash at our feet.

When I was done, he started to fuck me faster and harder. I gripped the chair and pushed back into him, begging for more. My legs started to ache as he held my shoulders for leverage and I struggled to keep the chair from moving and sliding on the wet linoleum floor.

"On the carpet on your back. I'm not done with you."

I moved quickly to the living room a few feet away, laid down on the floor and spread my legs for him. He knelt down and slid his dick into me, facing me now. He leaned back and stayed shallow, leaving me to beg again for what I wanted. Deeper. Faster. MORE dick.

He just grinned and shook his head. It was on his time. I moved my hips, fucking him as much as I could. He watched my body move under him. He reached across and starting rolling my clit with his thumb, making me pant and moan for even more. I needed to come again, but he pulled out and wouldn't let me have his dick again. I tried to move closer, but he wouldn't give me what I wanted. He watched my body arch and my hips move, trying to get closer to him.

Before I could orgasm from my clit, he pushed suddenly deep into me, resting on his arms above me. He stared down at me, at the look of pure disappointment of not having my orgasm I was sure coming, and the delight of having his dick fully in me again. I had what I wanted, kind of.

My hands moved to my breasts and I started pulling on my nipples and squeezing my breasts. I normally touch my breasts during masturbation, but rarely during sex. That night, I couldn't resist. I needed as much touch as I could get on my body. I massaged my breasts and tugged lightly on my nipples. I saw his expression change from enjoyment of my confusion, to complete distraction.

He couldn't take his eyes off me. He's never seen me play with my breasts so aggressively I watched his eyes transfixed, betraying his arousal at the sight. He was barely fucking me, my breasts and hands were the source of his pleasure. I arched my back and bucked my hips into him to keep my his dick moving in me.

His eyes and face showed me his orgasm was imminent. Seeing him so turned on by me heightened my own pleasure. In that moment all of our desire and being horny culminated in a shared moment of mutual passion and enjoyment - of each other. I turned him on which turned me on... and on through an orgasm that came from deep within my body, causing my legs to pull him to me to orgasm around his dick. He came in loud grunts and moans, barely able to watch my body as he was.

It was a great reunion. Should we have visitors more often?


  1. That was fun. :) Thanks for entertaining me on a boring Monday afternoon.

  2. I'm thinking yes! :) Great post. Thanks for sharing.