Monday, October 22, 2012

Name calling

I've never really been called names before the BF. I used to beg to be called "slut" and "whore" and the ex never understood why.

Because I asked, dammit!

Yesterday morning, I was woken up with naked cuddles. It was still early, even dark outside. We had hours still to sleep. But a very hard dick was placed in my hand and I knew what to do.

I toyed with it. Wake me up to play with your dick? OK, I'm going to touch the head. And ONLY the head. I won't let you take back control and you're not allowed to touch the head. At first he thought he was getting a hand job. But then I never continued my exploration of his penis beyond the head. I pretended like I was falling back asleep, so he reached and grabbed his cock, starting to jack himself off.

Sorry, this head is mine. I grabbed onto his had and started massaging it. His motions into my hand to push me off were not going to work. I just held on. Several times, I just held on and let him jack off the base of his cock, giving him the stimulation of having the head of his dick gripped, but no movement.

I knew I won when he said, "Oh, you torturous bitch!" in a gasp. I almost let him come. Almost.

I let him get close, really close. And then I stopped. I'll show you what a torturous bitch is. When he started to beg and my hand was cramping from the tight grip I needed to maintain control, I considered adding lube. But no, he woke me up so this was his reward.

I let him come all over the palm of my hand.

And then this morning was very different. Naked cuddles were again the start of our fun, but it started with soft kisses. Those kisses with lips playing and a soft sweep of the tongue. Gentle, patient. Building. You feel your desire spike and you reach for more of their body.

He reached for my hip, then travelled to my thigh, before reaching my clit. I adjusted my body and when I spread my legs wide for him, he said, "Good girl, good girl spreading those legs wide for me."

And when he forced eight clit orgasms on me, making me agree that I was a slut who was always ready and always wanting more, I couldn't argue. He was right.

Every orgasm, every body movement, every scream he told me what a good girl I was for him.

When I rode him reverse cowgirl after as a thank you, he spanked me, hard. He spanked me and said even good girls are spanked when I complained about how it was hurting me. The faster I went, riding his cock under me, the harder he slapped me.

And then his finger wandered into my asshole, already lubed up even though I didn't hear him do it, and I agreed to being a good girl all over again. Good girls get it in the ass.

At some point, I was too tired from the orgasms on his dick that I collasped on the bed, but he wouldn't remove his finger. "You like it, you know you do. Slut." I complained, I wiggled, I tried to get away but his finger stayed in me no matter how I moved.

And finally, he said, "Spread your legs, slut." And I did. On my stomach, head buried in the comforter from screaming, I spread my legs wide. He managed to keep his finger in my ass as he sat up and crawled over, placing his dick in my vagina once more.

I erupted in screams of pleasure as both finger and dick fucked me together. "I know, I know my good girl likes it. My slut." I did. My own screams and orgasm betrayed me as I fucked him back, wildly, hungry, desperate for more.

When he came in me, all he said was, "Take it! Take it you slut!" and I felt him pump cock into my very wet pussy.

See what calling names can get you?


  1. I love names. They get you hot and wet and awesome fuckery! :-)

  2. the thought of it all thank you.