Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Period sex: oral delights

It wasn't something we talked about before meeting in person. We'd talked about period sex and we'd talked about oral sex, but never about combining the two.

If you're a long-time reader of this blog, you could probably assume why. Prior to the BF, my sexual relationship consisted of very little sex and when it happened, it was as plain vanilla as it can be. With my ex it was mostly missionary, never any toys, and he wouldn't touch me on my period; he hated to eat pussy so much I stopped asking to stop the constant rejection and, even worse, complete rejection of my body when it was "too gross" to do it longer than a minute or two.

When I found out the BF had no issues with period sex and that he loved to eat pussy, I was hopeful it would be true and ecstatic when it was.

But shortly after our sexual relationship had started, it he my period and he laid out the ground rule, "I'm sorry, but I just won't eat your pussy on your period." I could live with that. I'm not sure I could do the same.

So we never talked about it. I got plenty of action on my period since it didn't make him squeamish and about 3 days after my period was over, he would devour my pussy like a starving man. I had no initiative to revisit the idea.

That is, until a few weeks after our anniversary. I was telling him of how some women use the Diva Cup or similar to allow oral sex without the presence of blood and use of a tampon. His reaction surprised me -- he thought that was weird, why not just eat the bloody pussy?

I reminded him of his prior statement, and then he said, "I'll eat your pussy on your period."

I was speechless for about a minute, trying to figuring out where this disconnect had happened. In the end, he agreed he had made that statement but "things had changed" for him.

I have no idea what that means and no amount of asking and trying to figure it out would yield any other answer from him. I found out he has eaten period pussy prior to me, a fact I was unaware of until he offered to do the same to me. So what changed? I have no idea. I've respected his request to not read into it and let it rest at he changed his mind.

But that next period, he ate my bloody pussy. It felt incredible, and I loved it. With us, nothing is ever off limits, and I love that.

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