Saturday, October 13, 2012

Recap: His parents visit

His parents came to visit us, the first time they've done that. We have visited them three times as a couple. The first time I met them was when we were packing up his apartment to move in with me - only three weeks after we had met for the first time! At the time I was afraid they would be against such a quick decision on both our parts, but I've never seen any hesitation or distrust in our relationship, or dislike of me. In fact, quite the opposite.

Most hilarious moment:  We were giving his parents the grand tour of our home, and BF showed them our giant master closet. What is in the center of the doorway? BF's pink high heel shoes! Both parents notice them, and his dad asks me, "Do you actually wear those?" So I lie and say yes, but rarely since I have a weak ankle. In my head my thoughts are as follows: Oh no! We forgot those.... Should I excuse them as "fuck me" heels? NO I CAN'T SAY THAT!!! Oh please don't ask me to try them on... or put them on... they are 4 sizes too big! He didn't ask, and later I threw them on my side of the closet with my other heels. I hope they didn't look closer or they would notice the size difference.

Saddest moment:  On talking colors, I mention something about BF wearing pink, and his dad's homophobia rears its ugly head where he tells me I better not "change his son into a... you know, 'fairy.'" His mom speaks up and reminds dad that BF wore pink as a little boy. Dad shuts up, but its not the only time he makes that kind of comment. BF will never be able to come out as bisexual publicly.

Sweetest moment
Friday night, about 30  minutes after arriving from their 14 hour drive, his dad said to me:

If it had been ANYONE else who had made him move so far away, I'd kill 'em. 

Yummiest moment:  We introduce his parents to Middle Eastern food, specifically to some spiced lamb kebobs cooked by a Jordanian man at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant. They are blown away by how good it is.

Oddest momentAt some point we talked about arguing, as we've been doing more of that lately. I fully admitted a lot of it is due to me not letting go of work stress and letting my extra sensitivity affect our relationship. His mom was shocked and said, "I thought you two didn't fight!?" We both laughed and said we do, but its never anything serious or close to relationship ending (like we see on facebook with his older siblings - frequently). She was still surprised, and I'm not sure why she would assume we never fight.

Most loving moment:  My BF and I gave up our bed for his parents for 2 of the 3 nights. His dad has a very bad back and we didn't want him to suffer. His mom can sleep anywhere, no problem. They tried to fight our decision but we over-ruled them. This left me on the couch and my BF on a twin air mattress. 

I could barely sleep, my "princess and the pea" sleeping habits prevented it. Every position felt uncomfortable and awkward. I tossed and turned.  The second night I could barely sleep and I finally sat up and starting crying out of frustration. I realized part of my problem was that I was missing my teeth-guard (I grind my teeth at night) and without that, I never slept well.  It was locked in our bathroom inside our bedroom where his parents were sleeping. 

He heard my restlessness and woke up. 

"What's wrong, beautiful?"

I vented my frustration and lack of sleep, then told him of the missing teeth-guard. He asked where it was and I told him.

He was up and gone before I realized he wasn't lying down anymore. He came back down stairs, placed the teeth-guard in my hand, kissed my forehead, and told me he loved me. 

I was moved. Middle of the night quest to help me sleep and relax. I wasn't going to wake him or ask him to do it. I didn't expect it of him. He held my hand as we laid back down in our respective beds, and I fell asleep for a few peaceful hours.

It's amazing what love can do.

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  1. I am glad it went well overall! :-) Regardless of differing opinions family is great.