Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Reunion pt 1

His parents arrive in town on a Friday night and we gave them the only bed in our house, our bed. I slept on the couch while my BF took the air mattress in the living room. The first night, we were too tired to do anything. I slept badly and was so tired the next day, I didn't even think about trying anything. Another horrible nights sleep, I wanted sleep more than sex.

And then Sunday night, we got our bedroom back. We had survived forty-eight hours with only light kisses and very minimal groping. He gropes me more in public than he did in front of his parents.

And there we were, naked in front of each other. I couldn't help but bite my lip looking at him. He was hot. So fucking hot. I couldn't not touch him. I kissed him, body pressed into him, my urgency taking him by surprise. He told me to be patient, we still had to shower and get ready for bed. I just watched his naked body move around our bedroom.

In bed. Lying naked side by side. I kissed him, soft and slow. His body responded with a hand wandering up and down my body. Shivers of pleasure and expectation soon followed with moans.

"Shhhh!" he whispered quietly. "My parents are still downstairs. You have to be absolutely silent or I will stop." I kissed him in response. Very soon, his hand wandered down to my pussy. I spread my legs wide for him. His touch ignited pure lust in me. I felt my stomach tense as his fingers slipped into my cunt, lightly running up against my hard clit.

My mouth opened in pleasure, but I kept my silence. I looked into his eyes and we just started into each other's eyes. He watched my body respond as he started quickly flicking at that spot on my clit that is my orgasm spot. My body arched and my hips started gyrating as he sped up, watching me.

"Stop!" I said, opening my eyes and looking at him.

"What? Why?"

"I want to be.... teased," I replied. "Tease me, please."

Slow. So slow. Too slow. No speeding up. I stared at him, wanting more. More speed, more touch. More pleasure.

"Stick a finger in me... please!"

He started working his finger in a little at a time, letting the wetness cover his finger. He started rubbing me with that "come hither" motion and again my body responded with moving hips and arching back. My eyes closed and my mouth was open, wanting to cry out but forcing myself to be silent. He repositioned his body and started to finger fuck me. Then a finger in me and thumb on me and I couldn't keep silent.

"Oh fuck! oh fuck!" I said in the smallest of whispers.

"Shhh.... or I will stop," he warned me.

My mouth moved in strained silence. He continued to finger fuck me as he saw the orgasm hit me and continue as my pussy gripped his finger. He slowed his movement as he pulled out and wandered back up to my clit. He played with it, moving my clit in little circles, watching how each movement made me twitch and react to his touch.

Finger back in me, deep. He moved it quick and almost rough. It was less than a minute before I was experiencing my second orgasm, which led to a third when I had barely recovered. He mocked me for coming so quickly, but his fingers kept working my cunt.

Another vaginal orgasm, and then he started toying with my clit. But he wasn't doing anything I needed to even come close to an orgasm. I begged. I begged please to give me a clitgasm. Please.

He slowly toyed with my clit, then all of a sudden just attacked it. Quick. Rough. Back and forth. Moans escaped my lips and I couldn't stop them. They were barely audible, but still there. I lost all concentration on looking at my love and just begged for more. He saw me come and my body arched and I almost screamed. He saw my body start to relax just a bit and stopped. My muscles untensed -- and then he resumed his fast clit wiggling and watched my body quickly tense to orgasm in another minute.

I was moaning so softly, he told me to be quiet again. I tried, but could not contain my echos of pleasure.

I turned my attention to him. His cock was so hard after watching me experience 6 orgasms from his hand. I ran my hand softly up and down his dick and his eyes closed as he bit his lip. I pumped a small amount of lube onto my hand and covered his dick with it. His mouth opened in silent gasps of pleasure and I started him in a rhythm of two strokes just up to his head, then one full stroke including his head. Repeat. Each time my hand slid off the head of his penis he mouthed the word "Fuck." I repeated this pattern until he started mouthing it when I wasn't touching his head, so I changed to 6 incomplete strokes to one full, watching his whole body jerk and his silent "Fuck!" when I included his cock in my grip.

So easy, just counting my strokes. Without warning I started doing every-other stroke and his whole face contort in pleasure. His whole body was focused on my hand. His silent fucks came more often and I tightened my grip, squeezing his cock with each pass on his head. He bent his head towards me, and I inclined my lips to his. His hand reached up and kept my lips pressed to his.

There I was, just pressing my lips to his, all his focus on the never ending strokes of my hand. I started going quicker, stronger, tighter. His body was fully tensed and his lips could not move against mine, he just held them there, waiting.

His orgasm spilled cum all over his stomach while he lips kissed me hard, deep, quiet moans were in his throat as he used my lips to keep him silent.

I washed the lube off my hands while he wiped up his abundant spilled come. We cuddled naked and feel asleep.


  1. Sounds like a lovely reunion with the parental units! Lol. I have the same issues when my stepson is in the house. The older he gets, the more I worry about him hearing us, but I usually do well with a hand over my face. :-) On a serious note, I do hope the visit is going well!! :) :)

  2. Very hot and sexy. You're both very talented with your hands ;)