Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TMI Tuesday: On Stripping

1. Have you ever danced naked in front of anyone? What prompted the experience?
Definitely I have. But I can't dance at all, so it normally lasted only a minute or two at most. I just don't know how to make my body dance sexy at all.

2. Have you been to a strip club? Was it what you expected?
No, I haven't. I've never been invited and I'm not sure I'm interested in going.

3. Have you ever been to an “amateur night” at a strip club?

4. Do you think strip clubs are exploitative or are they misunderstood as simple adult entertainment venues?
That's a great question, I'm just not sure. I see two worlds of strip clubs: the girls who are there because they can't find a job anywhere else or they are single moms are and end up there out of desperation, and then the world where the women choose it as their profession because they are entertainers and can make some great money doing it.

I think the exploitative part depends on who is partaking of the entertainment. I hate the stigma of the strip club being the "Go to" experience for bachelor parties - that feels exploitative to me. I don't like the stigma that, because you are paying them, you should be able to get away with behavior that you wouldn't be able to anywhere else.

If you can approach the dancers respectfully and realize they are another human being where this is their livelihood rather than a thing to ogle and touch because you've purchased that right - that's the key.

5. Would you ever consider stripping to pay for college or other expenses?
In college I wouldn't have because I was too grounded in my conservative background and considered stripping exploitative 100% of the time.  To my knowledge I don't know anyone who has stripped, but I have friends who know someone and all I've heard is it made great money and was worth it. I think if you can make an incredible living and stay fit (stripping is a workout!) then more power to you. 

I would consider today if I had the body and stamina for it and the confidence.

6. Have you ever given your partner a private dance?
See number 1. It wasn't very sexy and didn't last very long.

7. Would you ever perform a lap dance for a complete stranger?
Complete stranger? No, I don't really want to be touching a complete stranger other than to just give him a lap dance. (I'm assuming this is for free, right?)

8. Showgirls, Strip Tease, Magic Mike … What is the sexy Hollywood stripper scene you have ever YouTubed?
I haven't seen any of them. Stripping just isn't my thing. I don't care for the tease at all. I'd rather watch female strippers over male strippers any day. Male strippers or anyone like the Chippendale's are NOT my cup of tea. I'm not at all attracted to them. 

Bonus: Do you have a stripper fantasy, that given the chance of not being found out, you would turn into a reality?
No, I really don't. The only thing close to a fantasy would be learning how to pole dance.

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  1. I agree that it depends on how the club is run. I have been to the high class ones and the seedy ones both. My size keeps me from even attempting 'teasing' anyone.

  2. Your answer to #4 is very thought-provoking, especially the second paragraph. I too question the status of the strip club as the ultimate bachelor party venue, though not because it's exploitative (though given a bunch of drunken douchebags it certainly can be) but because I've always felt sorry for guys who need one last hurrah, i.e. one last time seeing naked women in the flesh before they are sealed into the chastity belt that is marriage. Maybe I'm just lucky to be married to Jill. :)

    As for #6, I'm sure he still appreciated it.

    As you clearly know upon reading our answers, your thoughts on male strippers vs. female strippers (as detailed in #8) is much like Jill's.


  3. I have not seen very many male strippers that I enjoy. I find the art is much more suited to women's sexy bodies.

    - H