Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Orgasm #2

Home alone for hours, what's a girl to do but watch porn, masturbate, and let you listen to it? Enjoy!

If you missed it at the end, I squirted (and you can hear it). Here is the small wetspot. Not a huge squirt, I do about 4x that when the BF fucks me doggie style...
Squirt wet spot


  1. This was exactly the thing I needed to hear this morning! Now the only thing I need is to hear it in person while I am making it happen! ;)

  2. That was incredibly hot!! Just what I needed to get my day started. Thank you for sharing. :D

  3. I'm glad I noticed this post BEFORE I came, because now I'm totally refocusing my afternoon jerkoff session to relate to this. Seriously sexy.


  4. I've not come across such an intense audio of a woman playing; your vocal chords do you wonderful justice!

    Thank you for sharing and turning up the heat in here...

    Sir x